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21st Century Train Design Will Let You Change Trains On The Go
Industrial designer Paul Priestman of Priestmangoode had a vision; trains would run continuously non-stop and passengers will be able to switch trains even with the trains moving at high speeds. His reasoning was that stopping at various train stations is a waste of time and just generally time consuming, which we agree with to a certain extent, so instead of passengers disembarking at train stops, why not just disembark right […]

Date Stapler concept might just work in real life
You know all the talk about a truly paperless and wireless office? Well here is a little secret for you, buddy – it ain’t gonna happen. Not anytime soon, anyways. After all these years of technological advancement, you still cannot do away with paper at the office, simply because it has become an indispensable part of life. Well, that just means one thing – if you’re an office stationary manufacturer […]

DataBot Mouse Will Let You Know How Big Is That Folder You're Trying To Drag
If you’ve ever transferred your folders from your computer onto an external hard drive or vice versa there are probably times when you don’t even realize how big the folder really is until you see the estimated transfer time show up as 2 hours, which probably gave you a rather nasty shock. Not saying that the DataBot mouse will make those transfer speeds any faster but at least you will […]

Ford Cobra Snakehead Concept Car Is Looking Good
Ford loyalists, fans and muscle car enthusiasts should all be familiar with the iconic Ford Mustang, but the car pictured above is no Ford Mustang, it’s not even a real car – yet. The concept Ford Cobra Snakehead car was designed Andrus Ciprian could actually be made into reality through a Ford-Shelby collaboration, and judging by its looks, could we be looking at yet another car by Ford that will be able […]


A Vacuum Cleaner You Can Wear On Your Hand
If you’ve ever cleaned your house you will realize that there’s more to cleaning than just sweeping, mopping and vaccuuming the floors. There are table tops to be dusted, top of shelves, televisions, monitors, computer casings, etc. What if there was a device that you could wear on your hand that would aid in the dust of said tops, would that be something you would be interested in?

Tactile Wrist-Watch Helps Those Visually Impaired To Tell The Time
Jacob Rynkiewicz decided that perhaps it was time to start focusing on the basic needs of those who are visually impaired. Sure there are fancy gadgets and devices that allow those who are visually impaired to get along with their lives but perhaps one such need, one as basic as keeping time, has been neglected, which is why he has come up with the concept watch that would allow those […]

Hypersonic jet powered by seaweed?
EADS’s proposed Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation (ZEHST), if realized and works as theorized, might actually usher in a whole new age of air travel. We are looking at just one hour to travel from New York to London, which is less than half the amount of time required by the Concorde, what was then the world’s fastest commercial plane. It will be capable of soaring above the atmosphere at 3,125 […]

Concept Alarm Clock Will Make Sure You Hear It
If you are one of those people who just can’t seem to get up in the mornings despite having multiple alarm clocks, perhaps the Cicadidae alarm clock concept might just do the trick. The clock will be able to broadcast using Bluetooth and will transmit to several Bluetooth enabled dongles so basically the Bluetooth dongles will come with its own mini speaker and features a 3.5mm audio jack, which means […]

Rotary Mechanical smartphone brings some steampunk love
Are you one of those folks who love steampunk devices, but don’t really see the practical aspect of incorporating such designs in this day and age? Well, since the smartphone is more or less extremely pervasive amongst ordinary folks these days, it makes perfect sense then for someone like designer Richard Clarkson to come up with a steampunk look of a cell phone – where it is essentailly a portable […]

Forget 3D, Bring On The "Smell-O-Vision"
3D television, movies, screens and gaming are all the rage these days and everyone just wants a piece of 3D which is great, but have you ever considered incorporating smell into your viewing experience? Researchers based in the University of California and the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in Korea have been working on this idea for the past couple of years and they have recently managed to come up […]

A Mirror That Allows For Interactive Story Telling
If you’re on the look out for a device that could potentially keep your kids entertained for hours then perhaps this protype mirror by designer Romy Van Den Broek is something you may be very interested in.The prototype is called “Through the looking glass” which is rather apt and is meant to mimic the Alice In Wonderland story, except with this device you could potentially load up any fairytale story into […]

Airbus’s Plane Of The Future Harvests Your Energy
Admittedly perhaps the title was a little frightening but it’s not too far from what Airbus has in mind, although probably with much better sounding intentions.Building off our previous post about Airbus’s transparent plane concept, it looks like while the exterior of the plane will be transparent and providing a panoramic view while you fly (although to be honest most of the time what we will be seeing are clouds), […]

Immersive Cocoon offers superior 3D experience
Stereoscopic 3D movies haven’t really caught on in the cinemas, presumably after the novelty has worn off, although there are many movie studios who still churn out 3D versions of their movies just to cater to a select group of market. Here is something that might just bring the 3D movie watching experience to the comfort of your own home in a way like never before – the Immersive Cooon […]

Airbus transparent plane concept
Want a plain plane? Airbus goes the extra nautical mile with thier latest concept that it hopes to build in four decades’ time – that is, a fully transparent plane so that passengers are able to have a panoramic view of the sky all around – including the ground they’re flying over. Granted, this isn’t going to impress anyone who already hates flying unless they are tranquilized. Well, we don’t […]

Blaze helps bikers avoid getting hit while on the road
If you remember the Pico Projector bicycles that were used a couple of weeks ago to create lanes for the cyclists to cycle around in – well it looks like they’re not the only ones with such an idea. A British Design student, Emily Brooke from the University of Brighton, has also come up with something similar, though her idea is something dedicated to making life for cyclists safer than […]

Panasonic and AT&T to work on connected car concepts
Your future vehicle will be very different from what it is today – even three decades down the road. After all, when you look at cars from the 1980s, don’t you think they are absolutely archaic, and you might not even have expected to see devices like GPS navigation units in there? Well, Panasonic and mobile carrier AT&T are currently looking into the connected car concept through a variety of […]

Beat running accessory concept
If you’re an athlete at heart and feel free whenever you run around, then chances are quite good that you would have a portable media player of sorts to keep you company. After all, having a rhythm to the entire run is essential if you’re racing against (your) time, and there is nothing quite like your favorite track to whip your legs into shape. There has been some collaboration between […]

Wool Ball Charger might just go on indefinitely
Since cellphones as well as smartphones are staples for ordinary people (and have been) for quite some time already, it makes perfect sense that you should make sure these essential tools have enough power reserves before you head out. What happens when you fail to do so, ending up with a dead BlackBerry at the office? Why, borrow your colleague’s charger, of course. Well, do you fancy a charger that […]

Keyless LifeBook concept goes all rainbow
There is nothing quite like a splash of color to brighten up the day  – and the Keyless LifeBook concept that you see here ought to make your day if you’re feeling particularly down when the work week starts. An entry in the 2011 Fujitsu Design Award competition, it will bring personal configuration to a whole new level, sporting a full touchscreen keyboard on a full-size laptop that will enable […]

Bubble dress looks far out, Lady Gaga might want one
Air pollution is extremely common in this day and age, especially when it comes to huge metropolises that are teeming with people and vehicles, making smog more of a common occurence than a rarity. Not only that, air pollution has been identified as the cause for a variety of ailments such as asthma, heart disease, appendicitis, and for some, even suicide. How else are we to improve the air quality […]