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Player & Tape concept music player brings back fond memories
Ahh, don’t you miss the good ol’ days of the cassette tape? When people actually had to spend time creating mix tapes that they shared with one another? Yeah, it’s been awhile, and those days have come and gone. Mixtapes are now equivalent to playlists of streaming music, and cassette tape players have all been replaced by Portable Media Players (PMP) that can even play video.

MUTE concept car electric vehicle coming your way
German engineering is always famous for being precise and sturdy, so what is it like to see students come up with an experimental electric vehicle? The above is the fruit of the labor of students from a German university, who intend to publicly unveil their creation this coming September. A dozen industrial design students from the Technical University of Munich are currently working on what they call the MUTE concept […]

Medical Shower concept offers refreshing herbal bath
Gone are the days when we men take our annual baths – you have metrosexuals like David Beckham kicking off a whole new line of men’s care products, that you might end up spending more than your wife on these in order to look your best always! Well, apart from all the lotions and creams that you use, how about taking a nice shower after a long, hard day at […]

HTC Flex smartphone concept
Designer Kareem Pownall from Hartford must have a great love for the HTC range of smartphones – otherwise, why bother coming up with a concept from HTC’s stable, calling it the HTC Flex? This smartphone concept will sport a couple of displays, in addition to a flexible OLED touchscreen display that actually remains hidden within – until you roll it out of the phone like a scroll, of course. Something […]


Buttons: blind camera concept
Here is one interesting camera you won’t find on sale. Called Buttons, this camera is unlike any other camera you’ve seen before. Featuring no optical components at all, it is essentially a blind camera that relies on other people to take photographs for you. The brainchild of Sascha Pohflepp, Buttons is a camera that doesn’t capture photographs in the traditional way. In fact it doesn’t even “capture” photographs.When you hit […]

Future computer needs no monitor
Some might say that notebooks will be phased out in the future as long as improvements to the tablet market continue by leaps and bounds, as there might not be any need for a clamshell form factor any more if the tablet is able to cram in the necessary parts to rival any decent notebook. Well, take the idea of that one step further, and what do you get? Perhaps […]

frii bicycle concept is colorful and fun loving
Love the planet? How about making conscious choices that are aligned with the green movement around the world? You can always start with your diet, moving on to other areas such as transport by getting around on two wheelers such as bicycles. Granted, if you have a particularly long commute, take public transport where possible instead of driving. Israeli design student Dror Peleg came up with the frii design for […]

INgSOC concept bicycle is drop dead gorgeous
This is one of the times when I wished the conceptual design would just jump into life like that – and we’re talking about the INgSOC bicycle. The frame design does seem to be future forward if it were to roll off a factory line, courtesy of Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli. The electric bicycle will definitely look faster than it moves, sporting sharp lines and some dangerous-looking edges.The frame […]

Chameleon scooter folds up to be electric skateboard
Now here is a device that is not only green, it looks extremely stylish. “Chameleon”, as it is called,  might seem to be a scooter at first glance, but if you decide to take a different approach in traveling from point A to point B, just drop the telescopic handles down, and fold it up into the body of the Chameleon, riding it all the way to your destination on […]

Doggy Poop Collector
When it comes to dog owners, most of them are responsible enough to make sure their four legged friends are well taken care of, given the best food and care possible, not to mention bringing them out for their daily walk. When walking in public places, some dogs love sniffing around, and doing their “business” in certain places such as at the foot of a tree or at a fire […]

Mysterious looking Dot Watch will garner you a lot of attention
If you’re a fan of watches that make people ask you “is that a watch?” you’re going to love this concept watch designed by Samuel Jerichow. Called The Dot watch, it features a mysterious design that looks like a bunch of dots on a wrist strap, The Dot watch is unlike any watch I’ve seen before. It features a dot in the center of the strap (where the watch face […]

Scaraby energy backpack concept charges with solar and kinetic energy
Because going green is good, alternative forms of energy are getting more common by the day, especially those that are generated by renewable sources. A designer named Benjamin Beck from Berlin has decided to come up with a concept battery pack called the Scaraby Energy Backpack. Acting as a portable battery pack, the Scaraby has a three prong socket – just like the ones we find in walls all over […]

Bike Guide concept: a solar-powered tour bus with onboard bicycles
While tour busses are a necessary part of most tours, they don’t always stop where you want them to stop at. And when they do, most of the time you don’t get to go out of the bus; you’re forced to just look out the windows. After awhile, the bus will move on to the next stop on the tour and then the same thing happens. Now wouldn’t it be […]

Ear MIKI concept earphones don't tangle
If you prefer corded earphones instead of Bluetooth headsets when it comes to hands-free kits for your phones, you probably know what it’s like to get your earphones tangled up with your keys and other objects in your pocket or bag. To deal with this problem, we’ve come up with solutions like wrapping the cords of the headset around something, or placing it in a separate bag – but it’s […]