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Shavit e-bike concept looks stunning
When it comes to design, often the young (in terms of experience) in any industry have far whackier ideas that might seem to crazy to work – although sometimes they do, but what such ideas bring to the table is creativity that needs to be carefully nurtured and harnessed. We would say that Eyal Melnick, an industrial design student in Tel Aviv, Israel, with his Shavit e-bike concept, might just […]

Concept Folding Plug makes it hard to accidentally disconnect electronics
Don’t you just hate it when you’re shifting your table or furniture in the room, and you accidentally knock the switch of your computer, which causes it to disconnect and shut it down, taking along with it all your work (that you inconveniently forgot to save)? So did a group of designers who decided to do something about it. Called the Folding Plug, this specially designed plug is meant to […]

PlayStation 4 concept (Stand-up Tower)
The PlayStation 3 isn’t even near its projected 10 year lifecycle yet, although time has surely flown by since the PS3 debuted a few years back, with the advertising tagline that it was the cheapest Blu-ray player in the market at that time. Well, the PS3 has yet to be maximized by developers although they are getting there, which means Sony would do well to be working on a PS4, […]

Inflatable helmet pad makes your helmets safer
While helmets are required by law to be worn at all times when cycling or on a motorbike, the size and fitting of a helmet isn’t regulated by the government. And even though it is always safer to wear a helmet when riding, a badly fitted helmet can be just as dangerous as not wearing one at all. To counter this problem, some designers have come up with a concept […]


Plant-computer hybrid concept
Computers tend to guzzle up a lot of power, but that was in the past, with greater advancements, computers have been more environmentally friendly than ever without having to sacrifice their performance. When it comes to concepts, however, one can clearly throw out all conventional rules out of the window – this plant/computer hybrid concept is not only a fully functional computer, but a functioning plant as well. Dubbed “Secondary […]

A concept solar powered charger that is said to work under many weather conditions
We understand that using solar power to charge your phone isn’t exactly news, but perhaps this solar powered charging concept by designer Nikolay Bastrakov might have a little something extra to it that will make it more interesting.

Pendant Phone is great for when you're hands are full
Now we’re all probably familiar with hands free devices, and the Pendant Phone is looking to bring it to a whole new level. Typically hands free phones require a hands free kit that consists of either a pair of headphones with a microphone attached, or you could go for a Bluetooth headset, or even use the phone’s loudspeaker. If there’s one thing that they all share in common is that […]

Amniotik capsule concept lets you chillax
Don’t you wish you had a hole to crawl to sometimes in life? Perhaps, as the everyday rigors of office work might end up being rather stressful for many people. Singles are better off in this aspect since they can have their personal time outs without having to meet with anyone, but those who are married or have a family will find this to be much harder to achieve. Perhaps […]

Von phone concept
Do you think that designs of phones these days have plateaued, with nothing really jaw dropping to entice you to part with your hard earned money? We guess that folks aren’t placing that high an importance on sheer design alone, as the handset would also need a decent back end and software library to make it worth checking out. However, if you were to rely just on design alone, then […]

A concept interactive drafting desk for architectures and designers
When it comes to architecture and designing, having a wide work desk will be instrumental in helping you draw out designs and blueprints. However if having piles of paper on your desk, or rolls of blueprints sounds too messy, then perhaps this concept interactive drafting desk by A’s dream might be something you could look out for in the near future.

iPhone 5 concept looks sleek
Speculations are up in the air to when the next iPhone will be released, the features it’s going to have and most importantly – how it should look like. A lot of people believe that Apple will be keeping the design of the iPhone 4, while others believe that it’s going to have a dramatic facelift. Antoine Brieux of NAK Studio recently came up with his own ideas of what […]

Morita Fire Fighting Concept picks up 2011 IDEA Gold Award
Morita’s Fire Fighting Concept is the winner of the 2011 IDEA Gold Award, which is actually the highest possible award when it comes to the Commercial and Industrial Products category. Just what is their Fire Fighting Concept? Well, it is a vehicle that was conceived to fight forest fires, and this future prototype fire truck intends to do away with the many problems which are part of fighting large-scale forest […]

Moosh watches encourages kids to play outdoors
Most kids spend choose to spend time in front of their computers nowadays, connecting with their friends through their computers (i.e. in video games or social networks) instead of meeting up in person at a playground or a park – like in the good old days. Because of that, a designer has come up with an idea to get kids out of the house – with the Moosh watch.The Moosh […]

Pedestrian Traffic Switch
Remember the times when you were trying to get across a busy intersection, but could not navigate safely because there were no traffic lights? Once traffic lights come into play, life got a whole lot easier, but your crossing antics were dictated by the amount of time the traffic light takes to turn red and stop traffic. Humans, deciding that this was one broken wheel that needs to be “re-invented”, […]