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Day Maker gets toaster inspiration for design
You would be quite the nutcase if you were to slip your super slim iPhone into one of the two slots on a toaster, thinking that it were an iPhone dock instead. Of course, such a crazy move might just be used as a catalyst for those who want something different in the world – hence the toaster inspired Day Maker device. Designer Michael Kritzer intends this alarm clock to […]

Eole: concept watch that's aided by the wind
Everybody is going green now – and people are trying to come up with environmental-friendly versions of all sorts of gadgets right now. While most folks rely on solar power to keep the devices juiced, a designer from France has decided to harness the power of the wind instead with his concept wind energy watch.The watch is called the Eole and while it works on a regular battery, it makes […]

Hive iPhone dock lacks wires, we are not complaining
Another day, another iPhone dock. It seems that hardware manufacturers will milk this cow to the death – never mind that we are more or less quietly confident that the iPhone will continue beyond the current generation to a string of descendants in the years to come – long after Steve Jobs relinquishes his current executive position in the company as well. The Hive iPhone dock is anothe rexample, where […]

Snail Braille reader concept
Reading Braille is not easy, especially when your sight is still perfec – meaning your sense of touch isn’t attuned to that of a visually impaired person’s level. Well, for some of us who are attempting to read Braille as we adapt to our new situation, there is the Snail Braille reader concept that might actually be realized if someone is willing to pour the money, time and technology to […]


HR3D from MIT: A Better 3D Screen Than the Nintendo 3DS, But...
Although Nintendo has done a great job at introducing glasses-less 3D technology to a mass audience, the Nintendo 3DS display has a couple of things that would need serious improvements: brightness  and power consumption. The design of the 3DS display is remarkable because it uses two LCD displays stacked on top of one another and a “parallax mask” makes it so that you eyes see different images, giving the impression […]

iSense concept makes the iPad even more useful
Kudos to Braille for coming up with a system for the blind to “read” using their fingers. You know, I’ve always tried to figure out the Braille language and it amazes me as to how the blind’s fingertips are so sensitive that they are able to “read” effortlessly, with their fingers gliding across line after line of Braille writing. Even in blind-friendly elevators, my fingers can’t tell just how many […]

PaperPhones use flexible E Ink screens
The days of rigid phones that determine what sort of pants we wear or bags we hold to carry them in could be coming to an end. At the upcoming Association of Computing Machinery Computer Human Interaction 2011 conference in Vancouver, Dr. Vertegaal will be unveiling the PaperPhone. Simply described as a flexible iPhone, this ultrathin, flexible phone is made of a 9.5cm diagonal thin flexible E Ink display.The PaperPhone […]

Acoustic Alarm turns on the style
Want to wake up in style? Forget about the traditonal, old school alarm clocks that have a bell, letting out that irritating ring every single morning without fail. The Acoustic Alarm, as its name suggests, takes a very different route by offering you a soothing method of waking up. Designed by Jamie McMahon, this particular model has been handcrafted from 2mm thick birch plywood, in a combination of walnut and […]

Nokia communicator 3D filed for patent, we await for the real deal
Is 3D going to be the buzzword for the year? Perhaps, what with stereoscopic 3D HDTVs making their way into the market, accompanied by equally capable computer monitors to boot. Of course, the smartphone industry has not forgotten either, with handsets such as the Sharp Lynx 3D, LG Optimus 3D and HTC EVO 3D already dipping their toes into the stereoscopic 3D market to pave the way ahead of its […]

Senza lock is your handlebar as well
Cyclists in urban areas do have one worry – that someone would actually go all out and steal their ride. For some, it is their only means of transport, so to invest in a good locking system is essential if you do not want the untoward to happen. The Senza lock intends to make life more convenient for you by doubling up as your bicycle’s handlebar. Yes, you read that […]

Concept Bio Robot fridge keeps your food fresh in gel
Electrolux Design Lab holds an annual competition where they challenge students to come up with home appliances based on a theme. Well for the 2010 competition which just ended on Sunday, the theme was “The 2nd Space Age” where students design appliances that would feel at home in the year 2050.One of the stand-out entries is from Russian student, Yuriy Dmitriev with his Bio Robot Fridge. This super thin fridge […]

Tokyoflash radiation level LED concept watch looks rad
In the wake of the recent disasters that occurred in Japan, people are getting worried and paranoid about living in the country, which has led to a surplus of radiation detection devices in recent weeks. Here’s another one to add to the list, except that it doesn’t tell you if a place is radiation free or not. While it’s still at concept stage now, the radiation level LED concept watch […]

Turntable iPhone Dock does as it says
Now this is a rather interesting concept – the Turntable iPhone Dock which has the intention of bringing together both the new and the old in a single device. It remains a concept as at press time, but who are we to say that it isn’t going to materialize in the immediate future if someone decides to take the idea and do something about it?

RoundPhone and Flexphone handsets from the future
Who knows that the future holds? After all, didn’t the Mayans predict that the world would end next year, although we subscribe to the idea that they decided to stop counting the calendar at 2012 because they figured out that their civilization would not last that long, so why bother? Having said that, those with a crystal ball might actually see the RoundPhone and Flexphone being used sometime down the […]

Ergonomic modular keyboard concept
One of the things that’s rarely changed since its inception has been the QWERTY keyboard. Ever since it was introduced and widely adopted, we’ve been using similar keyboards until now. Well, Goran Bobinac, an architect from Croatia has decided to shake things up a bit by creating his very own ergonomic modular keyboard.Featuring a unique curved shape with interlocking edges, this 3-piece keyboard can be easily disassembled and rearranged to […]

Conceptual radio clock boasts of minimalist design
Here is something to give your work week a more soothing experience – we are looking at a conceptual design by DesignWright for Lexon, where one intends to achieve the fine balance between form and function in this clock/radio combo that will have a speaker and LED display that shares the same surface. The aluminium case used will ensure that the device itself has a timeless appeal, while the material […]

Smart Baby Monitor concept
Which would be the most paranoid group of people whom you know? Apart from secret agents who are trying to infiltrate into a particular organization or group, there are first time parents who would most of the time, fall hook, line and sinker when it comes to the kind of stuff that are being peddled for them to purchase. We are quite sure that Baby Monitors are nothing out of […]

TweetingSeat project brings together the virtual and the real world
Everyone is looking forward to the royal wedding that is happening later this week in the UK, as Prince William finally gets to bring home his love to the palace for good – without the need to go through a glass shoe fitting session as he is very sure of who he wants to settle down with for the rest of his life. You can be sure that there will […]

R Battery concept resurrects old batteries
For those of you who grew up during the Nintendo Game Boy days, you would certainly have gone through the painful process of purchasing new AA batteries time and again – and this was back in the day when Sanyo have yet to discover the magic and wonder of eneloop batteries. Even rechargeables were rather expensive back then, but fast forward to today and you have rechargeable batteries that are […]

Lego Audio Comic idea
Now here’s an idea that might just have me take up the hobby of collecting comics yet again – we’re looking at the Lego Audio Comic project which will actually comprise of a life-size Lego Space Helmet that is capable of playing downloadable audio tracks for comics. This concept is the idea of Jonathan Robson, where the Lego helmet comes with a gold space visor for added effect. You should […]