SWYP – See What You Print concept

Remember the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) acronym that made waves more than a decade ago? It seems that the printing world has a new acronym to grapple with – SWYP, which stands for See What You Print. Regardless of how a printer is presented in an advertisement, they all come with some software to install and an LCD display that is hardly decent enough for your […]

Ford E-Bike concept

We do know that the Ford E-Bike concept will be able to “talk” to a Samsung Galaxy S2 which is attached to the front of the bike, but while we covered more of the software side of the E-Bike sometime last week, here is further information on the hardware front. There is still no price attached to the E-Bike just yet considering it is still a concept (and perhaps having […]

Blob Mouse lets you interact with computer in a novel manner

We’re so used to the computer mouse in this day and age that anything that does not fit the curve of our hand comfortably does not seem right. Well, the same person who is developing the Motion Recognition Clothing has another project that might be of interest to others – the Blob Mouse. Yes, the namesake of the X-Men villain from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants now comes in the […]

Audi Urban Concept says less is more

Is less really more? I guess that is what the Audi Urban Concept believes in, although the vehicle does seem to hail from a future past – sporting design cues of the first generation of vehicles, although you can be sure that the whole thing is nothing but pure 21st century goodness. This open-wheeler will tip the scales at 454 kgs (that is 1,000 pounds for those who aren’t on […]


Volkswagen Beetle R concept

Volkswagen certainly made heads turn many years ago when they unveiled the latest Beetle, and time seems to have mellowed down the once acrimonous feelings against the vehicle’s lines and shape. Nice to know that Volkswagen has decided to further up the ante with the high-performance Beetle R Concept that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This is still in a design study phase, where it will be based on […]

Exoconcept EXO carbon fiber electric jet ski concept

Now here is a concept that we don’t think will look out of place in a James Bond setting – the Exoconcept EXO carbon fiber electric jet ski. Yes sir, this particular piece of art that has been melded with technology will allow you to ride around in the prone position, while you make your escape from your nemesis, oozing in style simultaneously. I suppose if you put Angelina Jolie […]

Mercedes Benz F 125 gullwing coupe concept to debut this week?

See the vehicle above? Don’t you think that the Mercedes Benz F 125 gullwing coupe concept is a sight to behold? Well, it has been rumored that this puppy will be making a splash at this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show. No idea on whether Mercedes Benz has plans to roll out a production CL which will run on hydrogen, but if that is the case, then it will most probably […]

Jaguar C-X16 hybrid concept has Porsche 911 in its sights

It is more or less a given that many guys won’t mind having enough money to throw around in purchasing a sports car or exotic supercar sometime during their lifetime, and such companies want to do their level best to grab your attention (and subsequently, money). The Porsche 911 has long catered to many generations of discerning drivers, but Jaguar might just have something to challenge that legend with the […]

KT Spider concept is a closet Transformer

At every tech conference or show such as CES or IFA, chances are if you search hard enough, you will stumble across a gem of a story, presumably a company that is far from the spotlight and yet has churned out a rather cool looking device which is actually functional. This time around at IFA 2011 in Berlin, Germany, a company that is nowhere near the level of the big […]

Smart ForVision Electric Concept Car

Smart has long been one of the huge supporters for eco-friendly innovations in vehicles, and this time around they intend to make a splash at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show by announcing that they will be parading their spanking new electric vehicle (EV) concept there, dubbing it the ForVision Electric Concept. It might look rather ordinary from the outside, where it was designed and developed in collaboration with BASF (which […]

Ford Evos: Cloud Connected Car

Ford has announced the Ford Evos, a Hybrid sedan concept car that is constantly connected to the cloud. While it is only a concept at the moment, it is -mostly- based on ideas and technologies that can be achievable in the near-future. For instance, having a constant connection between the car and the Internet is merely a cost issue, not a technological one.In Ford’s vision, the Evos knows everything about […]

Project Flake concept car is impressive

Looking for a fresh take on how cars work? Da Feng’s latest concept design, Project Flake, might be right up your alley. The UK-based designer has recently come up with a concept video showing off what his car is all about and we gotta say, it sure is creative, not to mention pretty original. Inspired by the Pixar hit animated film in 2008, Cars, Da Feng wondered if it was […]

Omnifer iPad case helps the blind out

Having an iPad (or its sequel) is fine and dandy, but spare a thought for the visually impaired – surely they are unable to experience what you have been rambling on about, and to grasp the concept of Angry Birds through words (and mooncakes) might be far too difficult. Hopefully a concept like the Omnifer iPad case can roll out sooner rather than later, where it intends to turn the […]

Player & Tape concept music player brings back fond memories

Ahh, don’t you miss the good ol’ days of the cassette tape? When people actually had to spend time creating mix tapes that they shared with one another? Yeah, it’s been awhile, and those days have come and gone. Mixtapes are now equivalent to playlists of streaming music, and cassette tape players have all been replaced by Portable Media Players (PMP) that can even play video.