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DNA Stamper Concept
The DNA Stamper is a concept created by Jamie Thoms to make us think about how much we value our identity. He ask s: ” Who should have access to this information. Your partner? Family? The police?”. Here’s how the DNA Stamper works in Jamie Thoms’s own words:“The D.N.A. Stamper simulates extracting a sample of the users D.N.A. and uses this to stamp a consent form, to verify the user’s […]

MBOLIC modular family car
What is it you like and you don’t like about concepts? Well, we will tell you what we don’t like about concepts – most of the time, they’re so far ahead of the technological curve in this world that it is nigh impossible to realize such an idea at the moment. On the other hand, concepts help free the mind of its current physical limitations, from where perhaps a radical […]

Magnetic Stylus for the iPad 2
The iPad (and its sequel, of course) can be considered to be magical by some quarters, and it isn’t too surprising either seeing what this tablet is able to achieve on its own – using nothing but your fingers to boot. Well, some other tablets require the use of a stylus, but not the iPad – not until now. The new Magnetic Stylus for the iPad 2 will come in […]

TWEET_FIT encourages home exercise
It is always the beginning of the year that sees the most number of new gym memberships being purchased by the masses simply because all of the feasting that happened during the holiday season is back with a vengeance – we’re talking about gaining all the pounds that you’ve strived to shed throughout the whole year. You might be so pumped up about your gym sessions every single day, at […]


Ringbow device offers a mouse-y alternative
Touchscreen devices are all the rage these days, ranging from your phones to your tablet devices and even all-in-one computers and tablet notebook hybrids. Well, is there a better way to gain control of your device? The Ringbow “mouse” is a candidate that might just do the trick, coming in the form of a mouse ring that is slipped onto your finger, letting you control context for touch functions. Not […]

Origami Phone takes folding to another level
No, we’re not talking about PS3’s Folding@home, but rather, this conceptual design by Chengyuan Wei that is known as the Origami phone. What makes this handset stand out clearly from the rest would be its obvious form factor which is quite unlike anything we’ve seen to date, although the fragility of the device does lead us to wonder whether it is worth bringing one home, if possible. After all, the […]

Hitch concept camera makes weddings more fun
An industrial design student, Martin Spurway recently came up with an idea for some cameras to make things more fun at weddings. Normally guests are given disposable cameras to take photographs of the whole event from their own angles. However, disposable cameras have yet to catch up with the digital photography age. Film will need time to be developed, and it would cost quite a lot of money to develop […]

Nokia Nenya magnetic ring controls your handset
In a page off The Lord of the Rings trilogy, we have Finnish cell phone manufacturer Nokia coming up with the Nenya magnetic ring, where you wear it around your finger (and not wear it on your neck, and no, it will not turn you invisible or anything of that sort), twisting it accordingly to control your handset. The ring doesn’t look anything out of the ordinary, but it is […]

Lifebook X2 concept looks sizzling
Ah, here is yet another conceptual device that looks like it can be the talk of town for some time to come – for starters, it is extremely portable by being super slim, while getting folded thanks to a quartet of its hinged segments. If you opt to open the Lifebook X2 halfway, then it would resemble that of an ultra widescreen display palm-based device. When you choose to unfold […]

Huawei Folded Leaf concept
Huawei isn’t exactly noted for their range of smartphones, while they’re functional, they aren’t exactly groundbreaking in any way. It is then a pleasant surprise to know that Huawei’s latest concept, the Folded Leaf, has proven to be quite an eye-opener – being the company’s first concept phone at the 2011 Salone del Mobile Furniture Fair in Milan. This points toward Huawei taking the step in increasing focus on the […]

Mpad tablet device a concept that begs to be manufactured
Tablet devices are on the uptrend these days, and it isn’t surprising to see that more and more concepts for tablets are also being showcased. After all, tablets work great when it comes to optimizing the needs of designers and developers, where it will merge the pros of intuitive multi-touch operation alongside the precision of a pressure-sensitive pen. The Mpad that you see here looks extremely delectable, where it sports […]

Void mouse is as basic as it can be
Vrouyr Joubanian loves the idea of KISS – Keep It Simple, Silly, which is why he came up with the Void mouse design that is a bare minimum peripheral, featuring a single button that also doubles up as right click, left click, middle click and a scroll button. How is this possible? We’re not too sure ourselves, but we do know that the Void mouse certainly lives up to its […]

Light Gap concept clock
Now the Light Gap is a green and eco-friendly concept clock that sports solar cells on its rear end – this means you would do well to stick it on a window, letting sunlight illuminate the slit that is located on the face in order to form the hour hand. When dusk falls, the batteries will take over where the sunlight left off, illuminating a row of LEDs in the […]

Bugatti 16C Galibier sedan will go into production
Bugatti’s 16C Galibier concept car that was shown off at the 2010 Geneva auto show will become a reality in 2-3 years. According to reports, Volkswagen, Bugatti’s parent company has given them the green light to put the super car into production. The 16 valve, 8.0 liter engine with 2 stage super charging vehicle pumps out 1000 horsepower like the Veyron 16.4 is expected to go on sale in 2013 […]

Gaming in the air gets more hardcore
For those who are frequent travelers and yet do not have the luxury of flying Business Class all the time, chances are you keep your sanity in check during a long haul flight by walking up and down the aisle frequently, not to mention go through the collection of movies that are there for your perusal – since sleeping is not an option as you’re sandwiched in between two really […]

Triple Flip is one funky flip concept phone
Everybody seems intent on bringing the flip phone back, but nobody has really succeeded in capturing its essence ever since its phase ended. But Dave Schultze might have just done it with his latest concept creation, The Triple Flip. When having one side to flip isn’t enough, you get two sides to flip out, as well as a slide out QWERTY keyboard as well. Running on Windows Phone 7, it […]

CARE bracelet lets you know of radiation count
You know the whole uproar about rising radiation readings that are thousands of times above what is normal near the damaged nuclear reactor in Japan, and even across the Pacific, raindrops have been caught with higher than normal (albeit harmless) readings. For the paranoid out there, you might be interested to know if something like the CARE bracelet concept is realized – it is a lady-centric device that intends to […]

Continuance batteries rechargeable via USB
What you see here are the Continuance batteries that is actually an iF concept design entry for this year, although we’ve seen such real life batteries before (albeit not in the exact format of charging). The Continuance will seek out an empty USB port, since it has a USB interface on the side that allows you to connect it to a USB cable and power the insides directly whenever it […]

Modular phone concept lets you pick and choose
It is rather strange to call a phone ‘Combination’ – but since this is a concept, anything goes! Combination, as you know by now, is a cell phone concept that will come with a uniform faceplate, although you do have the ability to throw in modular components on the other side of it. These modular parts will make sure that your components are always up to snuff, and a charging […]

Safety Dot helps the blind get around
When you’ve lost your sense of sight, the world around you can get very frightening all of a sudden. After all, having navigated your way through the use of your eyes for most of your life, to have to rely on a walking stick and your memory can be a daunting task, especially during the initial adjustment period. Why not make life easier for the blind to get around places, […]