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Alternative Alarm Clock Wakes You Up Via Alternative Methods
I think just about everybody hates the sound of alarm clocks. Say what you will about alarm clocks that let you choose from a variety of sounds, but being woken up suddenly at 7 in the morning to the sound of the rainforest or a normal alarm clock ring is still not very pleasant. What about instead of the shrill sound of an alarm, you could instead choose to be […]

Concept Device Lets You Store Your Audiovisual Memories Along With Touch And Smell
Memories are great things, they allow us to relive moments of great happiness and they also let us learn from them too, by not repeating mistakes that we made in the past. Apart from our brain, cameras and video cameras are great devices for capturing those memories into an audiovisual format that we can playback whenever we wish. Not to diminish their function, but it is said that the sense […]

CMU Develops Self-Driving Cars That Are Impossible To Crash
Do you remember the movie Minority Report, where the cars seemingly drove themselves, navigating between each other while changing lanes? It seems kind of scary with all the cars zipping by each other at such high speeds, they look like they might crash into each other, but surprisingly they don’t. Well it looks like we may not have to wait that long to experience a future like that, thanks to […]

Tron Inspired Concept Phone Of The Future
Are you a huge Tron fan? If you are what do you think of this Tron inspired concept phone? Designed by Raul Galindo, the phone tries to keep to its “futuristic” look by only measuring 7mm in thickness, with a 4-inch touch screen display. Granted that the 4-inch display isn’t exactly futuristic (we kind of expected holographic images to pop up), the design is. It’s aptly named the “Tron Phone” […]


"Plug It In" Headsets Brings Music Sharing To A Whole New Level
Unless you’re wearing in-ear headphones or regular earbuds, it will be hard for you to share music with your friends, especially when they ask, “So who are you listening to?” That would mean you’d have to take off your headphones and pass it to them, which means they’ll get to enjoy the music while you sit there and watch. In-ear headphones and earbuds could solve that, but it could also […]

Concept Audi electric bike is sleek and minimalistic
While bicycles are already as green as vehicles can get, motorbikes unfortunately don’t fall into the same category. As a way to compromise the need for an engine (sometimes you just need that extra help going uphill especially after a tiring day at work) bicycle manufacturers have started putting electrical motors in their designs. But most of these bikes don’t exactly look fantastic. Well, a designer named Arash Karimi has […]

Golden Gate Electric Camper Pod
So remember yesterday we had reported that NAU had come up with a Ecco Camper concept, which essentially was a redesign and concept of the RV, which allowed campers to take to the road in a eco-friendly manner. Well it looks like designer Jay Nelson felt the same way about eco-friendly camping when he designed the Golden Gate electric camper pod. Made out of a fibreglass casing, the pod resembles […]

Nikon Prototype/Concept Cameras On Display In France
Cameras have evolved throughout the years, as most technology does. Externally however, camera design has not really been that radical, unlike the technology used inside the cameras, which have come a long way from its humble beginnings. If you take a look at DSLR and compact cameras, you realize that throughout the years, the changes have not really been radical, perhaps new colors, more curved edges, smaller and more compact. […]

Refrigerator Concept Lets You Keep Your Food In The Ceiling
Baiyao Lin has come up with a new smart refrigerator concept, which he dubbed the Electrolux Health Station. His design was probably inspired by the current situation that many urban apartment dwellers are facing, especially in burgeoning cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore, where apartments are not only expensive, but are also tiny due to land constraints. So instead of wasting more precious space with a refrigerator, how about […]

NAU's Futuristic Ecco Camper Concept
Are you a fan of camping, or driving about in an RV? Well if you are, or even if you’re not a fan, this concept mobile camper designed by NAU should still be able to catch your eye, and perk your interests at the very least. The Ecco Camper, as it’s called, is environmentally friendly, as implied by its name. The roof of the Ecco Camper is integrated with solar […]

The Ring Phone, A Phone You Can Wear On Your Finger
A couple of days ago we reported on a start up company’s concept about a miniature mouse, whose dimensions were a mere 1mmx1mm, which meant it could fit on anything. Well here we have a ring phone concept, by Shan Chen from China, which is supposed to double as an accessory and as a phone. We’re guessing this is probably a great concept, especially for the female market, who may […]

Hypermilling concept car does 1325 mpg on diesel
The world runs on black gold – there is no denying it. Once the price of oil skyrockets, inflation will hit countries hard, no matter how prosperous you are. In fact, steadily rising gas prices have already caused many of us to learn how to make the necessary adjustments in our lives, slowly cutting down on small luxuries even as companies look to find new ways of trimming their expenditure […]

AutoWed wedding machine eliminates the need for a priest
If you’d like to get married in the future, we might not need a priest anymore. The folks over at Concept Shed recently came up with a very interesting machine called the AutoWed: a novelty contraption that performs the role of a priest in a marriage. Users input their particulars, press the appropriate buttons on the machine to make their decisions, and get wed by the machines. It even gives […]

MicroPointing's Miniature Mouse Fits On Just About Anything
Israeli start-up company MicroPointing has come up with a miniature mouse, except in this case it’s not a typical mouse per se, but rather a tiny touchpad that comes in at 1mm squared which they claim can be placed on just about any object to control it. Thanks to only 3 sensors, and a secret algorithm, the touchpad will be able to pull detailed data from your gestures, for example […]