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Mother Of Four Builds Family Home By Watching YouTube Tutorials
Thanks to YouTube, finding video tutorials for all sorts of things has become a piece of cake. Whether you want to learn how to dance, how to cook, how to paint a mural, learn how to beatbox and so on, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find something for it. Now it seems that one woman by the name of Cara Brookins has taken it to the next […]

Rotary Cellphone Is Troublesome To Use, But Is Still All Kinds Of Cool
Depending on how old you are, you might have used rotary phones back in the day where landlines were pretty much the only way you could get in touch with someone via the phone. The concept clearly never made it to cellphones because by the time cellphones came about, phones with buttons were already a thing.

Enermax Unveils Computer Case Fans That Clean Themselves
When building your own PC, as fun as it is to pick out the CPU, GPU, chassis, monitor, keyboard, and etc., there is one important function that you need to pay attention to, and that is cooling. There are a couple of cooling options available out there, such as liquid cooling, or the more traditional fan cooling.

Someone’s Trying To Build An iPhone 7 Case With A Headphone Jack
Probably the most common gripe we’ve heard regarding the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus aren’t so much that its features are “outdated” (at least by Android standards), but the fact that Apple seems to think that removing the headphone jack is OK, although we should point out that at least 3 Android OEMs had already beaten Apple to the punch.


Pokedex Case With Power Bank Solves Your Pokemon GO Woes
Playing Pokemon GO is no doubt a huge drain on your battery, which is why carriers such as T-Mobile have launched promotions that offer gamers discount on power banks. Sprint too has gotten in on this by offering charging stations at their stores. However we reckon it might be a bit hard to beat this particular setup.

Bose’s BOSEbuild Speakers Teaches Kids The Science Of Sound
If you’re the type of parent who believes that having a practical education is just as important as learning from books and going to school, you might be interested in checking out Bose’s latest speaker called the BOSEbuild. This is a speaker that requires users to piece it together themselves, with the goal being that it will teach kids some practical skills at the same time.

This Could Be The World’s Largest Nerf Gun
Nerf guns are incredibly fun and while they might be marketed towards children, let’s face it, there are a ton of adults who probably get a huge kick out of playing with them as well. In fact just recently, YouTuber Mark Rober got the idea of creating a huge Nerf gun and recruited the help of Eclectical Engineering, a pair of YouTubers by the name of David and Ryan.

This Alien-Looking Cube Is Actually A Gorgeous PC Case
When it comes to building your own PC, you’ve got so many different options when it comes to choosing cases. These aren’t just about looks because the size of your case also determines what kind of components you can fit, so a mini-ITX setup means that you probably won’t be able to fit full-sized GPUs, and so on.

Hackers Build Real-Life Mechanical Version Of Pong
There are many video games that are considered classics, like Pac-Man, Space Invader, Tetris, and of course good old Pong. Now Pong is said to have been based on the table tennis sport (also known a ping-pong) which means that a “real-life” version of Pong would basically be players playing table tennis, right?

This Finger Puppet Can Move Like It Has A Mind Of Its Own
Puppets aren’t new and while it might be possible that one day that robots could take over the roles of puppets in theaters and plays (robot actresses are already a thing), we have to wonder if we could get robots that could move with the fluidity, grace, and subtlety that we can expect from puppets, like the one in the video above which shows an incredibly animated finger puppet in […]

Playing DOOM On This Chainsaw Doesn’t Get More Hardcore
PC mods are a dime a dozen and they range from pretty cool to amazing. Now if you’re after a unique mod, you might be interested in checking out this mod which features a Raspberry Pi Zero installed inside a toy chainsaw, while at the same time featuring a playable version of id Software’s classic FPS, DOOM.

Fan-Made Captain America Shield Lets You Act Like A Superhero
We’re sure you guys have seen videos of people throwing boomerangs that have ability to return to the person who threw it. This is largely thanks to the way that the boomerang has been designed, which means that technically Captain America’s shield shouldn’t have the same returning properties, but then again these are comics/movies so we guess anything’s possible.

Hillary Clinton Robot Is Lifelike (Update)
Update:Upon doing some further research, this is not a robot at all, but it is the real deal. The video is actually an anniversary video from Team Clinton, or at least, one of the takes.It was not too long ago that we brought you word on a man from Hong Kong who actually coughed up around $50,000 of his own money in order to construct a robot from scratch – […]

Game Boy Mod Works Like Magic
Playing classic Nintendo games, especially those of the Game Boy variety, should not be a strange experience to say the least, as there are many different emulators that are out there in the market. Wermy, however, has a different take on the original Game Boy – as he came up with a Game Boy Zero mod that you can see above.