Chances are you’ve heard of the current legal battle between Apple and Epic. The narrative makes it seem like both companies are bitter enemies, but it seems that at one point in time, both companies were chummy enough where apparently they were going to work together to create a bundled subscription service.

This is according to published documents involved in the trial where according to the details of the documents, Apple and Epic were looking to create a subscription bundle that would involve Fortnite Club (which some might now know as Fortnite Crew), Apple Music, and Apple TV+. This would be priced at $20 a month which represents a $6 savings if bought separately from each other.

The deal was created in such a way that if it was subscribed through an in-app purchase, Apple would take $15 while Epic would take $5, but if it was subscribed through Epic directly, Epic would take $12 and Apple would take the remainder $8. It is a very interesting perspective as to date, we’re not sure if Apple has actually offered a similar deal or collaboration with other developers.

This deal obviously did not come to pass, but it would have been interesting if it did because it would have set a precedent and we could see other similar partnered subscription deals which might not be a bad thing.

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