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Facebook And Twitter May Not Be Present At White House Social Media Summit
A social media summit without two of the biggest players in social media might not make much sense but apparently, that’s going to be the case for the upcoming summit at the White House. According to reports, the White House has not invited the two most popular social media companies to attend the event.

UK Ad Regulator Defines Anyone With At Least 30,000 Followers As A ‘Celebrity’
Have you ever wanted the fame and recognition that comes with being a celebrity? If you do, then you might be interested to learn that according to the UK’s ad regulator, it seems that anyone with a social media following of at least 30,000 people can be technically considered as a “celebrity”.

Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram Facing Outage Today
Cloudflare’s troubles knocked down many sites yesterday for a couple of hours before everything was up and running once again. Today, it’s Facebook and its properties facing a similar issue. Reports have come in from users across the globe that they’re not able to use Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp in what appears to be another widespread outage. This is actually the third major outage for Facebook properties this year.

House Lawmakers Call On Facebook To Put Libra Cryptocurrency On Hold
Facebook’s launch of its Libra cryptocurrency was never going to go through without scrutiny from lawmakers. Not long after the ambitious project was revealed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, House Democrats are now calling on the company to put the development of its Libra cryptocurrency and its Calibra digital wallet on hold.


Facebook News Feed Will Now Downrank Sensational Health Claims
Facebook keeps tweaking the News Feed to ensure that the billions of people who use the social network only see the content that they’re most interested in. The latest tweak has to do with sensational health claims which one can often come across on Facebook. The company says that News Feed will now begin to downrank health content that’s misleading or sensational.

Facebook To Ban Ads That Tell Americans Not To Vote
Facebook has taken a lot of flak for how its social network was used to spread misinformation during the previous election. With election season fast approaching, the company is taking steps to ensure that there’s not a repeat of last time. It has now said that ads which discourage people in the United States from voting ahead of the U.S. presidential election next year will be banned.

WhatsApp Now Lets You Share Your Status To Facebook
Facebook brought the Status feature to WhatsApp a couple of years ago after it saw considerable success with it on properties like Instagram and Facebook proper. However, the feature didn’t really take off as much as one would have expected on WhatsApp. Nevertheless, the company continues to push this feature, and it now has the ability to also share your status to Facebook and other apps.

Facebook May Let Users Disable Notification Dots
Do the in-app notification dots in the Facebook app cause you unnecessary anxiety? They appear in the Watch, Groups, and other tabs in the app. There’s some good news if you’ve been wanting to get rid of them. Facebook is conducting a new test which allows users to disable the in-app notification dots.

Facebook Confirms Dates For Oculus Connect 6
Facebook’s virtual reality division Oculus is returning to San Jose, California for its sixth annual Oculus Connect conference. The company today confirmed that Oculus Connect 6 will take place on September 25th and 26th. It will certainly have a lot to talk about as Oculus has had quite the busy year since its last conference.

Facebook Officially Announces Its ‘Libra’ Cryptocurrency
According to a report the other day, it was suggested that Facebook was in the process of getting ready to launch its own cryptocurrency. It shouldn’t be too surprising that Facebook is interested in getting into cryptocurrency due to the popularity technology, and sure enough they have.

Cat Filter Spices Up Pakistani Minister's Live Press Conference
Press conferences aren’t exciting, even more so the ones made by politicians. So what could make a long and drawn out press conference bearable? Perhaps a cat filter? Better yet, a cat filter that the politician doesn’t know has been turned on. That’s precisely what happened during a live press conference of a Pakistani minister, the cat filter was accidentally enabled during the live stream on Facebook.

Visa And Mastercard-Backed Facebook Cryptocurrency Said To Launch Next Week
Facebook is reportedly close to launching its Libra cryptocurrency that it has been working on for quite some time now. The last we heard about it was when it was said that Facebook was looking to secure backing from major partners. A new report claims that Facebook’s cryptocurrency will be backed by partners such as Visa, Mastercard, and Uber when it launches next week.

Facebook Wants To Make Public Comments Feel More Meaningful
If you’ve ever gone through the comments on a public Facebook post, it can sometimes feel like it is the perfect example of everything wrong about the internet and social media these days. This is why Facebook has recently announced an initiative in which they are hoping that they can make public comments feel more meaningful.

Facebook’s New App Will Pay You To Give Up Some Of Your Privacy
Earlier this year, it was discovered that Facebook was running an app that paid users to collect data on them. This generated a lot of controversy because Facebook had used their Apple certificate, which was meant to only distribute apps internally, to distribute it to the public. This resulted in Apple temporarily revoking Facebook’s access.