Google Contractors Are Listening To Your Google Assistant Recordings
While Google asserts that they do not listen to users through their Google Assistant-enabled devices, it turns out that the company has kept recordings of your conversations with Google Assistant, and that apparently there are contractors hired by Google who are actually listening to them.

Google Assistant For TVs Picks Up Support For Italian And Japanese
Google Assistant isn’t just present in Android TV-powered smart TVs. It’s also available on third-party platforms such as the recent smart TVs from LG. So while Assistant is understandably the most capable on Google’s own platforms, it works well on others as well. Those who own such a device will now be happy to find out that Google Assistant has picked up support for Italian and Japanese on devices that […]

Google Assistant On Sonos Expands To More Countries
It has been a few weeks since Google Assistant arrived on Sonos. However, it was only available to Sonos owners in the United States. That changes today. It has been confirmed that Google Assistant on Sonos is now expanding to more countries, six to be precise. To that end, a software update is being rolled out which adds Assistant to Sonos in these markets.

KitchenAid Has A Google Assistant And Alexa Compatible Smart Oven
Earlier this year at CES 2019, KitchenAid announced a couple of smart home gadgets. One of the devices announced was a smart display and the other was a smart oven called the SmartOven+. For those who are interested in the smart oven, you’ll be pleased to learn that the device is now available for purchase, if you’re willing to spend $3,199.


Google Assistant Can Automatically Remember Where You’ve Parked
Do you have difficulty remembering where you’ve parked? If you do, you’re not alone, especially if you’re somewhere you’re not too familiar with. However, thanks to technology, remembering where we’ve parked is pretty easy. In fact, it seems that Google Assistant will now be able to remember where you’ve parked automatically.

Lenovo Smart Clock Review
Smart Display assistants have pushed the boundaries farther than “speaker assistants” and are great for the living room, office, or kitchen. However, the bedroom is the next frontier, and, in that location, smart clocks seem like the most convenient form smart assistant can take.

Google Search, Maps, Assistant Will Soon Let You Order Food Directly
One of the things Google has been working on over the years is to make its products and services easy to use and indispensable. What we’ve seen Google do is try to make all kinds of information readily available right from the jump, thus saving users precious time when they are browsing the web.

Some Bose Speakers And Soundbars Now Support Google Assistant
Bose launched a smart home speaker and two soundbars last year. They featured Alexa integration out of the box which led to the question whether the company would eventually add support for other digital assistants as well. The question has been offered in the affirmative as these devices have indeed received support for the Google Assistant.

B&O Updates Its H9 Headphones With Google Assistant Support
These days with the rise of digital assistants, it seems that headphone makers are starting to throw more support behind them. For example, a couple of years ago, Bose launched a new pair of headphones that came with support for Google Assistant. If Google Assistant is your preferred assistant of choice, then you might want to check out B&O’s latest offering.

Google Assistant Now Available On Sonos One And Beam
Sonos had initially confirmed Google Assistant support for its Sonos One speaker when it was launched in October 2017. The digital assistant was also to be supported on the Sonos Beam smart speaker. It has taken a considerable amount of time for this to happen but as promised by the company last week, the Google Assistant is now available on the Sonos One and Beam smart speakers.

Sonos Speakers Get Google Assistant Next Week
Sonos has been beta testing Google Assistant support for some of its smart speakers for a few months now. It’s finally done with that and will now be rolling out support for the digital personal assistant to compatible models for all users. The company has confirmed that the Sonos One and Sonos Beam smart speakers will receive support for Google Assistant next week.

New, Much-Faster Google Assistant Will Debut With The Pixel 4
At Google I/O 2019 earlier this week, Google announced that they will be upgrading Google Assistant where it will be much faster compared to previous generations of the software. If you were hoping to get your hands on the upgraded Google Assistant, then you might be interested to learn that you might have to buy the Pixel 4 to get it.

Google Assistant Picks Up Support For Vietnamese
It goes without saying that Google Assistant is one of the best voice assistants on the market right now. The company continues to improve its digital assistant with new features, some of which were unveiled at I/O 2019 yesterday. Google also keeps increasing the list of supported languages to enable more people to talk to Assistant in their native language. Vietnamese is the latest addition to that list.

Next-Generation Google Assistant Is Super-Fast
Google Assistant is one of the better voice assistants out there and the company today unveiled some major improvements for it. Dubbed the next generation Assistant, it’s a substantial improvement over the Assistant that’s already available on more than a billion devices in more than 30 languages across 80 countries. The company has been working to make the Assistant the fastest and most natural way of getting things done.