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Japan Airline To Use Hololens For Flight Service Staff Training
When it comes to training staff for jobs, there are numerous ways one can go about it. Companies can host workshops where staff are briefed on what they need to do. There are training videos which shows how they should service customers. There is also on the job training which sometimes throws staff into the deep end, and then there is also a hi-tech way.

NASA Leverages Microsoft HoloLens To Simulate Mars Experience
While we do know that the Microsoft HoloLens has started to ship out to developers already, not to mention an analyst mentioning that the hardware could actually feel very hot after extended usage for the simple fact that it is a self-contained computer, we have word from NASA that they are looking to work with the HoloLens in order to simulate the experience of walking on Mars – visually at […]

Microsoft HoloLens Development Kits Begin To Ship
Microsoft has made it official – that its HoloLens development kits are going to ship out today, and in addition to that, there will be a new example project that will roll out for those who decided to pick up the HoloLens development kit some time back – last month, to be exact.

Microsoft HoloLens Might Have Heat Issues
While the Microsoft HoloLens might look as though it is something that is extremely cool to wear, do bear in mind that aesthetic beauty does not necessarily translate to performance and ease of use. In fact, game developer David Dedeine has mentioned in his interview with PC World, that the Microsoft HoloLens holographic goggles could be rather uncomfortable to wear over a long period of time.


Microsoft Shows Off Star Wars-Like Holographic Communication
Star Wars fans have long dreamed up communicating via holograms like they do in Star Wars but that hasn’t really been possible. Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality technology holds promise and the company has been showing off the various ways in which this technology can prove to be useful. It turns out that this technology is very useful if you want to communicate via hologram, just like they do in Star […]

Selected Lowe’s Stores To Use HoloLens In Kitchen Redesign
Microsoft has just revealed its most recent partnership concerning its HoloLens augmented reality headset, and Lowe’s is the name associated with this particular partnership. Lowe’s, famous for being a chain of home improvement stores, will see HoloLens being introduced in the Seattle area, although not in all of its stores, and will also enable shoppers to be able to customize kitchens with the help of holograms.

Microsoft HoloLens Dev Kit Up For Pre-Order
Virtual reality might be billed as the next frontier of gaming, but as far as Microsoft is concerned, their focus seems to be on augmented reality with the HoloLens. Now if you’re interested in developing for the headset and the platform, you will be pleased to learn that the HoloLens dev kit is currently up for pre-order.

Microsoft Taking Their Time With The HoloLens
With virtual reality becoming more popular and with more companies getting into it, you would think that Microsoft might be interested in getting out their HoloLens as soon as possible, especially if they hope to compete in a VR world. Unfortunately if you were hoping for the HoloLens to be released anytime soon, you might be disappointed.

Watching Football Might Never Be The Same Again
Sports is one particular area of life that sees people from many nations, creed and color come together in unity, especially when they are supporting the same team. Over the years, there has been nothing better than to attend a live event to soak up all of the atmosphere. It seems that Microsoft wants you to revel in the carnival-like setting of a big matchday with the help of their […]

Microsoft Reveals Additional Details About The HoloLens
While some tech companies are looking at virtual reality being the future, it seems that Microsoft is focusing on a different reality – augmented reality to be exact, thanks to the creation of the HoloLens which seems to suggest that is the route Microsoft will be taking. Now the device is still in development, but a recent report from Petri has revealed additional details.

Microsoft Opens HoloLens Experience Showcase At Flagship New York Store
Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that it wants to be among the first few companies that are working on bringing augmented reality technology to the masses. We saw its HoloLens headset earlier this year and even though it’s still a work in progress, it does hold promise. It going to be a while till HoloLens has matured enough for public release but that won’t stop Microsoft from trying […]

Microsoft & Volvo To Work Together On Automotive Technology
It is well-known that carmakers such as Volvo are working on self-driving vehicles. When exactly those vehicles will become available for purchase remains to be seen, but in the meantime it looks like the Swedish carmaker will be getting a bit of help from the likes of Microsoft.In a press release from Volvo, it has been announced that both Microsoft and Volvo will be working together with regards to automotive […]

Asus Confirms Development Of Augmented Reality Headset
It was reported a couple of weeks back that Asus could make its own augmented reality headset, one that might take some inspiration from the Microsoft HoloLens. Today during an earnings webcast Asus CEO Jerry Shen confirmed that the company is indeed working on such a device and also provided a timeframe in which we can expect the augmented reality headset to arrive.

Asus Might Develop Its Own Version Of HoloLens
Earlier this year Microsoft showed off HoloLens and with it its augmented reality technology which enables the glasses to overlay digital images on real world objects. It’s going to take a long time before HoloLens is released for public consumers, developers will be able to purchase it in the future at a cost which takes it out of the reach of public consumers. However Microsoft might not be the only company producing […]