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Microsoft HoloLens Dev Kit Up For Pre-Order
Virtual reality might be billed as the next frontier of gaming, but as far as Microsoft is concerned, their focus seems to be on augmented reality with the HoloLens. Now if you’re interested in developing for the headset and the platform, you will be pleased to learn that the HoloLens dev kit is currently up for pre-order.

Microsoft Taking Their Time With The HoloLens
With virtual reality becoming more popular and with more companies getting into it, you would think that Microsoft might be interested in getting out their HoloLens as soon as possible, especially if they hope to compete in a VR world. Unfortunately if you were hoping for the HoloLens to be released anytime soon, you might be disappointed.

Watching Football Might Never Be The Same Again
Sports is one particular area of life that sees people from many nations, creed and color come together in unity, especially when they are supporting the same team. Over the years, there has been nothing better than to attend a live event to soak up all of the atmosphere. It seems that Microsoft wants you to revel in the carnival-like setting of a big matchday with the help of their […]

Microsoft Reveals Additional Details About The HoloLens
While some tech companies are looking at virtual reality being the future, it seems that Microsoft is focusing on a different reality – augmented reality to be exact, thanks to the creation of the HoloLens which seems to suggest that is the route Microsoft will be taking. Now the device is still in development, but a recent report from Petri has revealed additional details.


Microsoft Opens HoloLens Experience Showcase At Flagship New York Store
Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that it wants to be among the first few companies that are working on bringing augmented reality technology to the masses. We saw its HoloLens headset earlier this year and even though it’s still a work in progress, it does hold promise. It going to be a while till HoloLens has matured enough for public release but that won’t stop Microsoft from trying […]

Microsoft & Volvo To Work Together On Automotive Technology
It is well-known that carmakers such as Volvo are working on self-driving vehicles. When exactly those vehicles will become available for purchase remains to be seen, but in the meantime it looks like the Swedish carmaker will be getting a bit of help from the likes of Microsoft.In a press release from Volvo, it has been announced that both Microsoft and Volvo will be working together with regards to automotive […]

Asus Confirms Development Of Augmented Reality Headset
It was reported a couple of weeks back that Asus could make its own augmented reality headset, one that might take some inspiration from the Microsoft HoloLens. Today during an earnings webcast Asus CEO Jerry Shen confirmed that the company is indeed working on such a device and also provided a timeframe in which we can expect the augmented reality headset to arrive.

Asus Might Develop Its Own Version Of HoloLens
Earlier this year Microsoft showed off HoloLens and with it its augmented reality technology which enables the glasses to overlay digital images on real world objects. It’s going to take a long time before HoloLens is released for public consumers, developers will be able to purchase it in the future at a cost which takes it out of the reach of public consumers. However Microsoft might not be the only company producing […]

Microsoft Confirms HoloLens Release For Q1 2016
Microsoft’s augmented reality headset made quite a few heads turn when it was first unveiled earlier this year, the company had said that it would provide information about release and pricing today, and now we know those crucial details. Microsoft has confirmed HoloLens release today, units will start shipping Q1 2016, but they’re not intended for the average consumer.

HoloLens For Enterprise Will Be Coming Next Year
If you’re a gamer looking to advantage of the Microsoft HoloLens for gaming, chances are you might have to wait until 2020 before you can get your hands on it. However if you’re an enterprise user or a developer, your turn might come a lot sooner than everyone else. In fact 2016 is the year to look out for.This is according to a report from Re/code in which a Microsoft […]

HoloLens Might Only Be Available In 5 Years
When Microsoft announced the HoloLens earlier this year, it was clear that unlike companies such as Facebook, HTC, Samsung, or Sony, Microsoft seemed to believe that augmented reality was the future. Or at the very least they were more interested in that aspect of technology than virtual reality.However the question we’re sure many are wondering is when will we be able to get our hands on the HoloLens? Unfortunately not […]

Apple Hires Former HoloLens Engineer, Fuels AR Rumors
We know that Microsoft is looking into augmented reality with the HoloLens, an interesting direction given that many companies appear to be focusing on virtual reality at the moment. However could Apple be interested in heading down the augmented reality route as well? In the past Apple has shown some interest via patents, and it seems that their latest hire is pretty telling.The Cupertino company has apparently hired an individual […]

Developers Will Get Microsoft HoloLens Next Year
A couple of months back Microsoft demonstrated its hologram projecting device that it called HoloLens. It has been on a few outings with Microsoft since then but the company has not yet provided it to developers. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that “V1” of HoloLens will be shipped to developers at some point in 2016. He says that this first version of this device is going to be primarily geared […]

NASA To Send Microsoft’s HoloLens To Space This Weekend
HoloLens is no more limited to usage on the earth, the virtual reality device is being sent to the space too. A SpaceX Dragon, which is scheduled to take off tomorrow with cargo and supplies for the International Space Station will be taking along two of Microsoft’s HoleLenses. These augmented reality devices are going to be a part of NASA’s space project rumored as — Sidekick.

Microsoft Developing Special Version Of Minecraft For HoloLens
A few months back Microsoft wowed everybody with its HoloLens technology, back then the company said that it would build experiences for this product and it showed one such experience today. During its E3 2015 press conference Microsoft demonstrated a special version of Minecraft that it’s building for HoloLens.

HoloLens Demo Impresses [Microsoft Build 2015]
HoloLens has been making quite a bit of noise ever since it was first shown back in January. It is supposed to bring “hologram technology” to the masses as a stand-alone device, which can also work with a PC or Xbox one day.What’s new today is that we had new demos of the technology, and for its Build conference, Microsoft rigged a camera that can simulate what a HoloLens user […]

HoloLens' True Potential Still Years From Being Realized, According To Bill Gates
Just last week Microsoft announced the HoloLens hologram technology headset. The headset, for those who missed the announcement, is unlike other headsets like the Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus. The HoloLens offers hologram technology and takes advantage of augmented reality to allow its wearer to interact with it and the real world at the same time.One of the examples of how the headset could be used is in a […]

Microsoft's HoloLens Is Apparently Powered By Intel's Cherry Trail Atom Chipset
Last week we caught a glimpse at the future of wearables at Microsoft. The company announced the HoloLens wearable headset alongside Windows 10. For those who missed the announcement, the HoloLens basically brings holographic technology into a wearable headset that would supposedly revolutionize the way we play games or use our computers.That being said, the HoloLens is kind of a like a computer on its own. It comes with its […]

HoloLens Support For Xbox One And PC Possible
Before January 21st the reports were that Microsoft is going to unveil the consumer version of Windows 10 and talk more about its new web browser codenamed Spartan. No new hardware was expected. It surprised everyone when Microsoft unveiled HoloLens, a new device that aims to bring hologram technology to the masses. Could it at some point support Xbox One and PC? Microsoft isn’t closing the door on this possibility.

Microsoft's HoloLens Headset Will Bring Hologram Technology To The Masses
Earlier today during Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement, the company revealed some interesting features that would be coming to the operating system, one of which is the support for holographic displays. Now if you’re thinking that this means you will have to wait for companies to come up with hardware and software to support it, you can rest easy because Microsoft has you covered.Alongside their Windows 10 announcement, Microsoft also announced […]