High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC) is a Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets. The company started as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) that was building devices for others, but went on making HTC-branded smartphones based mostly on Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) for mobile. In 2009, it began to shift its core focus away from Windows mobile devices to Android-based ones. In 2010 the company went back to the Windows Phone eco-system.

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HTC Promises ‘World First, World Class’ Cameras On The HTC 10
When it comes to smartphone cameras, HTC has never been shy about experimenting with different hardware and setups, although unfortunately for the company, it never quite took. However with the upcoming HTC 10l flagship, it looks like HTC is pretty confident about their handset’s camera capabilities.

Android Marshmallow Rolling Out To HTC Desire Eye, One E8, One M8 Eye
So far it looks like HTC’s two most recent flagships, the HTC One M8 and the One M9, have already received their Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. So the question is, what about HTC’s other lesser known handsets? Will they receive the update too? Fret not because HTC has not forgotten about some of you guys.

Additional Real-Life HTC 10 Photos Leaked
The HTC 10 is the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone and based on all the leaked photos and renders, we suppose it really leaves nothing to the imagination. Just the other day we saw a handful of leaked renders, but in case you prefer the real-life photos of the phone, you will be pleased to learn that two new photos have since surfaced, as you can see in the photo above.

HTC 10 Leaked Renders Show The Device In All Its Glory
It’s no longer surprising to see renders of an upcoming handset get leaked ahead of the official announcement. This has actually become more of a yearly ritual and people really look forward to getting a glimpse of the upcoming devices before they’re officially launched. Some fresh new renders of the HTC 10 have been leaked today and they show off the device in all its glory.


HTC One A9 Update Gives It Quick Charge 3.0 Support
These days we are starting to see more OEMs include larger batteries in their devices that go above the 3,000mAh mark, which is why when HTC launched the HTC One A9 with its 2,150mAh battery, safe to say that many were a bit surprised and a little disappointed by how small the battery size is.

HTC Rumored To Build Google’s Nexus Phones For The Next 3 Years
According to recent rumors, it has been suggested that HTC could be building not one, but two Nexus handsets in 2016. Given that HTC did build the first Nexus handset and has recently helped with the Nexus 9 tablet, the idea of HTC being a possible Nexus manufacturer doesn’t seem that much of a stretch.

HTC One (M8) Receives Android 60 Marshmallow From T-Mobile And Verizon
Looks like HTC has kept to their promise of delivering Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to its slew of flagship devices, which will also include the once mighty HTC One (M8). After all, it has been reliably reported that the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update has begun to seed Over The Air (OTA) for folks who are rocking to Verizon and T-Mobile carrier versions of the device.

New HTC 10 Images Show Multiple Color Variants
Thanks to a recently leaked render, we guess it is pretty obvious as to what the HTC 10 will look like. It is certainly a marked departure from what we have been expecting from HTC all these years, which we can only hope will be a good thing for the company. That being said, if the recently leaked rendering in silver wasn’t to your liking, you’re in luck.

HTC 10 Release Date Expected To Be April 19th
There have been a lot of rumors recently about HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone. The company has already started posting teasers to get the hype going for its new flagship handset, it’s expected to conduct an event later this month to formally unveil it. We’ll get to know about the release date at the event but it’s expected that the HTC 10, that’s what the new handset is likely to be […]

T-Mobile’s HTC One M8 To Get Android 6.0 Update March 7
The HTC One M8 was launched in 2014 which means as far as smartphones are concerned, it is a pretty old piece of technology. However we reckon there are probably still plenty of users who are still using the device as they might be stuck on 24-month commitments, or don’t see the need to keep switching things up.

HTC Vive Will Also Be Available In Optimized PC Bundles
Wondering if your computer will be powerful enough to handle the HTC Vive? If you are curious, HTC has a tool that lets you check to see if your computer is up to scratch. However in case your computer isn’t capable, or if you were planning on buying a new computer anyway, it seems that HTC will also be selling the HTC Vive in optimized PC bundles.

Unlocked HTC One A9 Won’t Be Supported By Verizon
The HTC One A9 is an interesting device, not so much because of its specs, but because its design seems to herald a new direction in which the company appears to be headed towards. Now it was initially expected that the handset would work with Verizon, but unfortunately that no longer appears to be the case.

Alleged HTC 10 Images Leaked
It is nice to see some friendly rivalry make an appearance from time to time, and this time around, we have @OnLeaks and @evleak trading Twitter punches, if you will, concerning the upcoming HTC 10 device (which is said to have been renamed from the HTC One M10). Well, the video teaser for the device was revealed just a couple of days ago, so why not enjoy some alleged images […]

HTC 10 Could Be The Name Of HTC’s Next Flagship
According to the rumors, HTC’s upcoming smartphone which many are assuming will be called the HTC One M10 will be going by a different name. Given that the company seems to be desperately needing a win right now, we suppose a shake up of their practices and branding would make sense.