High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC) is a Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets. The company started as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) that was building devices for others, but went on making HTC-branded smartphones based mostly on Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) for mobile. In 2009, it began to shift its core focus away from Windows mobile devices to Android-based ones. In 2010 the company went back to the Windows Phone eco-system.

Popular HTC stories

Upcoming HTC Nexus Rumored To Sport 3D Touch Functionality
It is 2016 which means that we can expect Google to release a new Nexus handset later this year. Now in terms of who is building the phone, we can safely rule out LG as the company themselves have confirmed that they will not be partnering with Google on a Nexus handset this year.

HTC Releases Video Teaser For One M10
HTC really wants you to know that it’s still in the business of making flagship handsets. Both LG and Samsung unveiled their flagship handsets for 2016 at Mobile World Congress last month. HTC is going to conduct a separate event to show off the One M10 and it’s slowing building hype for its next big thing. The company today released a video teaser for the HTC One M10.

Alleged HTC One M10 Camera Sample Leaked
According to the rumors, the upcoming HTC One M10 is said to employ the use of a 12MP camera. This is a nice change of pace from HTC in the previous years where they have attempted to come up ways to shake up the camera industry with features like UltraPixel, which unfortunately never quite took, despite HTC’s best intentions.

15,000 HTC Vive Units Pre-Ordered In 10 Minutes
The HTC Vive pre-orders are now live and despite its hefty price tag, it seems that the headset has proven to be quite a hit. According to HTC employee Shen Ye, he claims that the company has managed to sell more than 15,000 units in the first 10 minutes of the pre-orders opening up to the public.


HTC Vive Pre-Orders Are Now Open
HTC announced its plans to enter the virtual reality market last year with the Vive VR headset that it has developed in partnership with Valve. Since then the company has released two developer versions of the Vive before finally announcing at Mobile World Congress 2016 when it’s going to release the consumer versions. Pre-orders for the consumer version of HTC Vive virtual reality headset are now open.

HTC Vive UK Price Confirmed
HTC announced the high-end Vive virtual reality headset last year and it has already shipped two iterations of the headset to developers. At Mobile World Congress 2016 the company confirmed how much the Vive is going to cost and when it’s going to be released. The company has now confirmed HTC Vive UK price as well and since this is a high-end product the price is obviously high.

HTC Might Enter The Mobile VR Race
It goes without saying that HTC needs all the help it can get to sell its products so as to survive in the market. The company hasn’t been performing spectacularly which is why it’s trying to come up with new ways to improve its performance. It sees virtual reality has an opportunity to regain its lost position in the market and just might be willing to jump in the mobile […]

HTC Says Their Smartwatch Will ‘Turn The Industry On Its Head’
So we know that rumors have suggested that HTC has a smartwatch in the works. The question is, with all the different smartwatches out there, what can HTC come up with that will truly blow away the competition and set itself apart? After all many devices offer the same features like fitness tracking and notifications. There are many that also run on Android Wear.

HTC One M10 Perfume To Sport Multiple Internal Memory Capacities
Are you looking forward to what the HTC One M10 Perfume has to offer? Well, we do know that there will be a white colored model as leaked a week back, while a more recent leak has pointed to a curved back for the handset. Just yesterday, HTC has teased its next flagship smartphone, too, and surely all of these are building up to a crescendo before it is released […]

HTC Promises ‘Very, Very Compelling’ Camera In TheIr Next Phone
In the smartphone camera department, we’ve seen HTC try various ways to be innovative, like with their UltraPixel setup which unfortunately while it sounded good on paper, it wasn’t exactly a breakthrough feature. In fact the HTC One M9 had its fair share of criticisms about its camera quality, so much so that HTC had to push out an update to improve on it.

HTC Is Teasing Its Next Flagship Smartphone
The announcements that most people were looking forward to at the Mobile World Congress 2016 are done and dusted. LG and Samsung have both announced their latest flagship handsets which will be out next month. Every year HTC competes with them in the high-end market. This time around it decided against unveiling the new handset at MWC and opted for conduct its own event in March. The company has now […]

Vive Benchmark Tool Might Have Hinted At Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3
Recently Valve released a piece of software that basically checks to see if your PC is capable of supporting the HTC Vive. Interestingly enough it seems that upon further digging, it has been discovered that the company might have made some references within the benchmarking tool to some future games.

Valve Releases Tool To Check If Your PC Is VR Ready
The HTC Vive’s release date and pricing has been recently confirmed, but the more important question is, is your computer capable of powering the headset and the various apps and programs designed for it? If you’re a little unsure about whether or not your PC is up to the task, Valve has released a tool that checks your PC for you.

Another HTC One M10 Leak Shows Off Its Curved Back
From what we can tell from the slew of leaked images for the HTC One M10, the handset is certainly straying away from the designs that HTC has used in the past for their HTC One M series of smartphones. However thanks to a newly leaked photo, it gives us a closer look at the back of the phone.