iPad mini Reportedly Being Phased Out

If a new report is to be believed, Apple is soon going to phase out the iPad mini from its tablet lineup. The company is apparently taking this step due to cannibalism of its own products as the boundaries between small tablets and large smartphones blur. Previous reports have suggested that iPad mini sales have dropped so it wouldn’t really be surprising if Apple decides to discontinue it.

Trio Of New iPads Rumored For Spring 2017 Launch

We remember when the iPad mini was first launched, it quickly spawned a ton of competitors who tried to make tablets as compact as possible. This quickly reversed when companies started making tablets with displays larger than 10-inches, like with the Samsung Galaxy View and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

iPad Minis Account For Nearly Half Of iPad Sales In The US

The iPad mini hasn’t really been getting the same amount of attention compared to the newer iPad Air series and the recently launched iPad Pro. However despite that, it seems that many users have taken to the smaller tablet because according to the latest figures from CIRP, the iPad mini accounts for nearly half of all iPads sold in the US.

iPad Mini 4’s Display Edges Out The iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is Apple’s latest iPad. It’s also Apple’s largest iPad and probably the iPad that features the most major changes, what with a Smart Keyboard dock and support for a stylus in the form of the Apple Pencil. Clearly this is aimed at users who might have such need for productivity and not so much your regular Joe. That being said, how does the display of the iPad […]


OS X Beta Hints At Split-Screen Support For The iPad Mini 4

One of the features that Apple will be bringing to the table with iOS 9 is split-screen viewing. This has been a feature long-requested by many iPad users and thankfully it will be arriving in iOS 9. However Apple had previously suggested that only the iPad Air 2 would be able to use it due to its A8X processor, but now according to new info, it could be arriving on […]

Next-Gen iPad Mini Could Be The Thinnest One Yet

Last year when Apple announced the iPad Air 2, they also announced the iPad mini third-gen, but in all honesty the refreshed specs felt more like an afterthought as opposed to being a genuine upgrade. However thankfully if the rumors are to be believed, this year’s iPad mini is expected to be a pretty decent refresh. In fact according to a recent tweet by @OnLeaks, he has suggested that based […]

Rumor: Next iPad Mini Could Be The Last One

We expect that later this year, Apple will announce new refreshes to its iPad lineup. This includes the introduction to the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro, as well as refreshes to the iPad Air and iPad mini tablets. However according to a new rumor, it has been suggested that this year we might not be treated to a new iPad Air. Also the rumors claim that this year’s iPad mini refresh […]

Upcoming Apple Tablet Case Leaked (Rumor)

Apple might have bade goodbye to their first generation iPad mini not too long ago, but this does not mean that Cupertino has forgotten all about this particular range of hardware. In fact, it is starting to look as though Apple will be delivering a successor to the iPad mini 3 – which will hopefully be worth checking out, otherwise the change in name with minimal improvements or upgrades will […]

iPad Mini Calls It A Day

Death comes to us all – and in the life cycle of gadgets and consumer electronics, it would be termed as EOL – End Of Life. Having said that, we now remember the original Apple iPad mini as it is no longer available on sale at the Apple Store – not to mention removed from Apple’s website to boot. The iPad mini was Apple’s original 7.9” tablet, where it was […]

Mophie Space Pack Battery Case For iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Mini

Mophie is a company that is known for their battery packs and battery cases, but if you’re looking for more than just a way to recharge your iPhone, you might be interested to learn that Mophie has also recently announced that they have launched the Space Pack battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. For those unfamiliar with Mophie’s lineup, you might be wondering how the Space Pack […]

Phorm Case Grows A Keyboard Of Sorts On Your iPad Mini

BlackBerry is one of the last remaining manufacturers that is still making devices with physical QWERTY keyboards. On tablets one can’t expect such keyboards to work which is why dynamic software keyboards are commonplace on these devices. What if there was an external solution that could enable the user to feel and tap on the tablet with physical buttons? This is where Phorm steps in. It is a case for the iPad […]

China Gets Cellular Networking Capable iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 3 Tablets

At last, Christmas has arrived early for iPad lovers over in China, as Apple has just announced that the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 with cellular networking models will arrive in the world’s most populous country some time later this week. Considering how we are well past the halfway mark of this week already, it should prove to be a rather sweet weekend for those picking up either […]

iPad Pro Release Could See iPad Mini Discontinued

All good things must come to an end eventually, but the manner in which that happens also varies from case to case. Take the iPad mini for example – when it first rolled out, it proved to be quite the hit, delivering all that the regular sized iPad could, apart from the very simple fact in which its name conveys – the iPad mini is smaller, so much so that […]

iPad Mini 3 Vs 50-Caliber Sniper Round

There is nothing quite like a cool slow motion shot when you see something breaking, as it captures all of the exact detail that could look like a work of art. While we have seen an iPad Air 2 go up against an Airsoft Rifle, the folks over at RatedRR wanted to see how a foregone conclusion of the brand new Apple iPad Mini 3 would look like should it […]