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iPad With Face ID Reportedly Still On Track For 2018
Ever since Apple introduced Face ID to the iPhone X last year, many have been wondering when the feature might find its way to other Apple devices. We have heard rumors that Face ID could be coming to the iPad, and that has since been “confirmed” by notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a research note obtained by MacRumors.

iPads Are Apparently Bad For Your Neck
There have been some studies in the past that have shown that using your smartphone too much can be bad for your neck. This is because of the stress and pressure you put on your neck while staring down at your phone, which during prolonged usage is actually quite bad for you.

iOS Developers Form A Union To Get Apple To Improve The App Store
If Apple did not have as many iPhones and iPads in the market as they do now, the walled garden approach they have towards iOS apps probably wouldn’t work,  but it does simply because developers know that there is money to be made by developing apps for iOS users, and they have no choice but to comply with Apple’s rules if they hope to make it.

iPad Robot Attends High School Graduation On Behalf Of Hospitalized Student
Graduating from high school is a pretty big moment in the lives of students as it signifies that they are now ready for the next step in life, which more often than not is either college or university. This is why attending the graduation ceremony is a big deal for both parents and students.


Logitech’s Crayon Stylus For The iPad Released
Earlier this March when Apple announced a new, cheaper 9.7-inch iPad, there were a couple of new accessories that were announced alongside it as well. This included Logitech’s Crayon stylus which is a stylus designed for use with the iPad with its selling point being that it’s cheaper than the Apple Pencil.

Construction Company Claims iPads Saved Them $1.8 Million A Year
The concept of tablets aren’t exactly new, although to give Apple credit, they did reignite interest in the device with the launch of the iPad. In the past few years, we’ve seen how tablets have started to be adopted not just by consumers, but companies and even sports teams as well, and there is a good reason for it.

Apple Might Have Found A Greener Way To Produce Aluminum
Apple uses a lot of aluminum in their products, such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and so on. Unfortunately conventional methods of producing aluminum results in the emission of greenhouse gases. However it seems that Apple might have found a greener way to go about it where the end result releases oxygen versus greenhouse gases.

Apple Could Start Selling Subscriptions Through Its TV App
According to the various reports we’ve been hearing over the past several months to a year, it seems like Apple is cooking up a bunch of shows ranging from documentaries, TV series, comedy, drama, and so on. However the big question many are asking is on which platform does Apple plan on debuting them on?

iOS 13 Rumored To Include More iPad-Focused Features
iOS 12 isn’t even out yet but it seems that there are rumors about iOS 13 that are making their rounds. This is according to a tweet posted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in which he revealed that iOS 13 is expected to come with more iPad-focused features such as a redesign of the home screen.

Apple Could Be Looking To Acquire Conde Nast
Recently there was a report that indicated that Apple could be looking to launch a news subscription service. This report followed Apple’s acquisition of the Texture app/subscription service which was dubbed the Netflix of magazines where for a fixed price, users could read as many magazines as they wanted.

Notable Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo May No Longer Focus On Apple
When it comes to trying to predict what Apple does, there are some analysts who get it wrong almost every time, but then there are some that get it right with such consistency that it’s almost eerie. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is in the latter category where in the past he has made many an accurate prediction, thanks to his well-placed sources deep within the supply chain.

Apple CEO Claims Users Don’t Want A Merged macOS With iOS
There have been many rumors in the past suggesting that Apple could be looking for a way to merge iOS and macOS together. There is some synergy between both operating systems and they can communicate with each other, but is a merged platform something that users want? Apparently not.

Leaked Apple Memo Warns Employees To Stop Leaking Information
Apple has in the past been known to be very tight-lipped and secretive about upcoming products, but in recent times it seems that there are more leaks than ever. In fact in what seems to be irony, a report from Bloomberg has revealed a leaked memo that Apple has sent to its employees warning them about leaking information to the public.

Apple's New iPad Now Available To Purchase In-Store
If you’ve got your eye on Apple’s new iPad then you might be interested in finding out that it’s now available in-store. You can walk into an Apple Store right now and get your hands on Apple’s latest 9.7 inch iPad. The company announced the tablet at its education-focused event earlier this week. It’s the successor to last year’s 9.7 inch iPad.