ipod apple watch searchIf the reports are to be believed, Apple has apparently shipped and sold possibly millions of Apple Watches by now. This can’t be confirmed yet since Apple has yet to release the official figures, but assuming it is true, those are some impressive sales figures especially when compared to the likes of Android Wear devices.

However interestingly enough it seems that despite the alleged millions sold, interest in the device based on search alone is rather low and appears to be waning. According to a report from Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves, it shows that searches for the Apple Watch on on the decline with some temporary spikes during April which is when the watch was available for pre-order.

In fact as you can see in the graph above, searches for the iPod appear to be outnumbering that of the Apple Watch during the month of May. This is rather interesting especially when you consider that Apple might be slowly phasing out the device after removing a direct link to the iPod from their website.

So far reviews of the Apple Watch have been mixed. There are some who love it, there are those who hate it, and there are those who want to love it but feel that it could be much better. However it should be noted that for the most part as far as most smartwatches are concerned, these are their first iterations and rarely is the first batch perfect, but hopefully Apple will have a better answer for us come 2016.

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