$10 Dongle Lets You Charge Your iPhone And Listen To Music

We suppose you could consider the lack of a headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus one of the limitations of the new iPhone. Because the Lightning port is used for charging, it also means that users have to choose between either charging their iPhone, or listen to music (assuming they don’t have Bluetooth headphones).

Handheld Jet Thruster Takes The Hard Work Out Of Swimming

If you swim for exercise or competitively, you know that it can be pretty tiring. However thanks to technology, there is now a way for you to exert less energy while swimming faster. This is thanks to the Bixpy Jet, a propulsion system that will help you “swim” faster while using up less energy.

Astro Core Lets Your Camera Take Unique Timelapse Photos & Videos

Timelapse photography and videography are beautiful things to behold, since essentially what happens is that it sums up an entire day, or days, into a couple of seconds and/or minutes. However pulling off an interesting timelapse can be tricky, but that’s what the Astro Core device is aiming to do.

The Fidget Cube Is The Ultimate Toy For Those Who Can’t Sit Still

We all fidget from time to time. Sometimes we do it when we’re bored, sometimes we do it when we’re nervous, or for some of us, we just can’t sit still. Whether it be tapping on the table, drumming your hands on your lap, tapping your feet, shaking your legs, clicking a pen, etc., we’ve all done it.


The Wolfe Will Turn Your Mac Into A Better Gaming Rig

Apple’s higher-end MacBooks and iMacs come with GPUs. They aren’t necessarily the most powerful GPUs, but they are there if you need to do things like edit videos, photos, or play games, in which they should be able to do a better job compared to an integrated GPU that the lower-end models sport.

Working Pokeball Could Be The Coolest Pokemon GO Accessory Ever

So last month we brought word that someone actually created a Pokeball accessory that doubled as a powerbank. We thought that in itself was already pretty cool, but we were wrong. A company by the name of GamerReality has taken it to the next level by creating an actual working Pokeball that will play nicely with Pokemon GO.

The Eon Board Will Give Any Skateboard A Motor

Do you think that your skateboard isn’t fast enough? Maybe you wanted something like a hoverboard or a Segway but in the form of a skateboard? If you do, there is a project on Kickstarter for something called the Eon Board that will be able to deliver just that, which is basically through motorizing your skateboard.

Samsung-backed IOFIT Smart Golf Shoes Launches On Kickstarter

So we have things like smartphones, smartwatches, smart home appliances, so why not smart shoes? To be fair, smart shoes aren’t exactly new. Some of you guys might recall that several years ago, Nike and Apple teamed up where users could insert a little chip into their running shoes and pair that with an iPhone app, but obviously technology has come a long way since.

Superbook Transforms Your Android Smartphone Into A Laptop

https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2510908/video-687977-h264_high.mp4 Many of us like to purchase different accessories for our smartphones and if you would like to get more out of your Android handset, perhaps you might want to consider purchasing the Superbook accessory. It’s basically a dock that’s capable of transforming any Android handset into a laptop.

Kickstarter Has Managed To Create Over 300,000 Jobs

Every now and then we cover projects launched on Kickstarter. The benefits to projects on Kickstarter is that instead of a group of people deciding whether or not a product is viable, it is left to the public whom the product will be sold to. Successfully funded projects are usually a sign that yes, this is something the people want.

This Wireless Charger Will Also Levitate Your Phone At The Same Time

Wireless chargers aren’t new, and for the most part they’re pretty boring. Granted they are wireless, but the fact that you need a charging mat/base kind of kills it. While we’re still waiting on “true” wireless charging tech to become mainstream, if you’re in the market for an alternative then perhaps OvRcharge might be worth checking out.

Amazon Creates A Store Specifically For Kickstarter Products

With so many projects being launched and funded on Kickstarter, it would be hard to keep up with what was funded and what hasn’t. Sure, you could trawl Kickstarter’s website, but Amazon has decided to make your life a bit easier by creating a dedicated storefront in partnership with Kickstarter that is aimed at displaying Kickstarter products.

‘Impossible Things’ Is A Movie Written By Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is capable of many things, and now it looks like AI could potentially given screenwriters a run for their money. There is a movie that has been launched on Kickstarter called “Impossible Things”, and while movies seeking funding isn’t exactly new, what makes this project so unique is that the script was co-written by AI.

The Glif Turns Your Smartphone Into A Proper Recording Device

Our smartphones are becoming increasingly capable of taking photos and videos, but sometimes it could always use a little help with some accessories that will take it to the next level. Enter the Glif, a Kickstarter project for a smartphone tripod mount that will be able to turn your smartphone in an actual proper recording device.