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Wearable Subwoofer ‘Basslet’ Will Be Released In The US February 7
[CES 2017] When people describe the bass that they hear in music, their descriptions tend to make it sound like the bass has affected them physically, like they can feel the bass in their bones, or feel their whole body vibrating, and so on. That’s pretty much the concept that the wearable subwoofer Basslet is trying to go for.

Stagg EKG Is An Electric Kettle For Coffee Lovers
In case you always assumed that coffee and tea were meant to be served piping hot, think again. Tea and coffee are typically recommended to be served slightly below the water’s boiling point, and this is why sometimes you can see baristas stick a thermometer in their milk jug to gauge the temperature of the milk while it is frothing.

The Superbook Android Laptop Dock Has Been Delayed
The thing about crowdfunding is that it opens the door to a ton of cool ideas that you might not see launched otherwise. However the downside is that while the idea is cool and the product seems useful, sometimes behind the scenes things might not be quite as smooth, which means that sometimes projects that have become too popular end up going out of control.

The MagNeo Is A Next-Level MagSafe Connector For The MacBook Pro
With the launch of the 2016 MacBook Pros, it was pretty much confirmed that Apple was done with one of its best inventions ever, the MagSafe charging connector. This meant that users looking for similar functionality had to turn to third-party solutions, such as the BreakSafe from Griffin just to name a few.


Non-US VR Omni Treadmill Pre-Orders Cancelled
Playing virtual reality games is great, but we can imagine that controlling your character’s movements and walking around using physical controllers does take a little away from the immersion. This is why the Omni treadmill is such a great idea where it allows users to walk in multiple directions while being anchored in one place.

HyperDrive Is A USB-C Hub For Your MacBook Pro
One of the controversial moves Apple made last year was by removing all of the ports on the 12-inch MacBook and replacing it with a single USB-C port. Thankfully for this year’s MacBook Pro, Apple decided to give us four USB-C ports which should make things a little bit easier, although not by much.

Blips Stickers Will Turn Your Smartphone Into A Microscope
Macro photography is pretty awesome as it lets you get up close and personal and see a lot of details that we would normally miss. However if you wanted to go even closer on a microscopic level, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Blips stickers for your smartphone are now available for the public to purchase.

Equisense Care Is Like A Fitbit For Your Horse
Pretty much all the wearables that we see in the market today are catered towards humans, which we guess kind of makes sense, but what about animals? What if we own pets or livestock that we need to look after the same way that we take care of ourselves? Isn’t it a bit mean to leave them out of the fun?

AIAIAI Introduces A Wireless Headband To Its TMA-2 Headphones
We’ve heard of modular PCs, modular smartphones, modular smartwatches, and if you might recall, in 2015 we also got modular headphones thanks to Danish headphone manufacturer AIAIAI in the form of the TMA-2. These are modular headphones that are pretty much the successor to the TMA-1, a very popular headphone amongst professional DJs.

Vinci Smart Hearable Reinvents Headphones
You may never have thought about owning a pair of headphones that have a touchscreen on the side but after looking at the Vinci “smart hearable,” you might be curious about the idea. The company describes Vinci as the first smart 3D headphones that understand the user. They’re powered by voice recognition and artificial intelligence to double as a personal assistant, music studio, phone, and more.

Anti-Snore Wearable Will Literally Do What It Says It Will
Snoring is normal and most of us are probably guilty for doing it from time to time. If you live by yourself or if your partner is someone who can sleep through your snoring, then we guess it’s not a big deal. However if you or someone you know snores quite terribly and it affects your sleep, the Anti-Snore Wearable could be a device worth investing in.

Freedrum Brings Air Drumming To Life
All of us have at some point in time probably played some kind of air instrument, whether it be air guitar, air bass, air piano, or air drums, just to name a few, especially when it comes to your favorite songs. However they are basically air instruments, meaning they’re not real, there is no sound.

Snapnator Brings MagSafe Back To The MacBook
With the 12-inch Retina MacBook and the new MacBook Pros, it is clear that Apple is pretty much done with the MagSafe connector, which some have dubbed one of the best inventions by Apple ever. In case you’re unfamiliar, MagSafe is a magnetic charging port that allows the charger to easily unclip when tripped over.

SPUD Is A 24-inch Display That Can Fit In Your Bag
If you travel a lot, chances are you rely on a laptop to do your work, which safe to say can sometimes feel a bit cramped especially if you’re used to larger displays at home. So if you’re in need for a larger display, why not bring one with you? You’re probably thinking we’re a little nuts suggesting it, but the SPUD Kickstarter project would suggest otherwise.