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Arcade Classic VS. Super Mario Bros. Could Be Coming To The Switch
While the Nintendo Switch has been designed to play as a modern console and to play modern games, let’s face it, it’s fun to revisit old classics that we used to play growing up, which is why titles like Super Mario Bros. is still pretty popular even until today. Now if you remember, there used to be a classic arcade version called VS. Super Mario Bros.

Mario Movie Reportedly Being Developed By Nintendo
It’s not uncommon for popular gaming franchises to be turned into movies and while efforts like the Assassin’s Creed movie might have bombed, Nintendo would be hoping for a different result. According to a new report, Nintendo is thinking about developing a Mario movie in collaboration with Illumination Entertainment. This production company has worked on popular movies like Minions and Despicable Me.

Super Mario Run Still Isn’t As Profitable As Nintendo Would Like
When Apple announced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus last year, there was also a surprise announcement made by Nintendo in which they revealed that Apple’s iOS devices would be the first to get Super Mario Run, a game based on the Mario franchise which has been designed for mobile, a first for Nintendo at bringing Mario onto phones.

Super Mario Odyssey Has Sold 2 Million Copies In 3 Days
With every Nintendo console release, it is expected that the company will introduce new games based on existing franchises, for example how we’ve gotten so many variations of Mario Kart by now. This is also why seeing Nintendo announce Super Mario Odyssey as a Mario title for the Switch did not come as a surprise either.


Arcade Classic Mario Bros. Arrives For The Nintendo Switch
Super Mario Odyssey is the next Mario installment that Nintendo will be releasing in the near future. However if you’re looking to relive a classic, then you might be interested to learn that arcade classic Mario Bros. has arrived for the Nintendo Switch via the platform’s eShop where it will cost gamers $8 to purchase it.

Major Super Mario Run Update Has Been Released
While Super Mario Run was launched with a ton of fanfare considering that this would be the first time that Mario would be arriving on mobile devices, it’s safe to say that interest in the game quickly fizzled due to a number of reasons, such as the gameplay which wasn’t like what many had thought Mario would be like, and the price of $10 which many felt was rather hefty […]

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Is The Switch’s Best-Selling Third-Party Title
When Nintendo and Ubisoft officially announced Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle earlier this year, safe to say that this was a collaboration that not many had expected. However it turned out to be a great idea because from what we are hearing, the title is selling pretty well, so much so that it is apparently the best-selling third-party title for the Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Bundle Announced
According to the latest figures, Nintendo has managed to sell over 5 million units of the Nintendo Switch worldwide. This is quite an accomplishment especially when you consider that the flop that was the Wii U took considerably longer to hit such figures. However there are probably still plenty of gamers out there who are still on the fence.

Zelda And Mario Themed Nintendo Switch Controllers revealed
While the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers are perfectly fine for gaming, there are some who might prefer the more traditional design of a gamepad. However the Nintendo Switch’s Pro controller is a bit pricey (although it does feel great), which means that some gamers might not be able to afford them.

Nintendo To Livestream Mario Odyssey And Metroid At Gamescom
Nintendo has some pretty big titles coming up and if you’re interested in learning more about Super Mario Odyssey and Metroid: Samus Returns, you will be pleased to learn that Nintendo has confirmed that they will be streaming both games live at the upcoming Gamescom which will be taking place later this month.

New Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Character Trailer Released
While it is without a doubt that Mario Odyssey is one of the more anticipated games that will be arriving for the Nintendo Switch, at E3 2017 a couple of months ago, Nintendo and Ubisoft made a surprise announcement in the form of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a game which combines some iconic Nintendo characters with Ubisoft’s Rabbids.

Hasbro Unveils New Mario-Themed Monopoly Board Game
Monopoly is one of those board games that even in today’s digital gaming environment is still very relevant. In fact Hasbro has been trying to keep the game as relevant for as long as possible by launching variants of it themed around video games, such as the Skyrim-themed Monopoly set that was announced last year.

Someone Just Made Super Mario For The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar
According to Apple, the Touch Bar feature on the new MacBook Pro models is meant to act as an extension to the keyboard, as opposed to being seen as a secondary display of sorts. However it has not stopped developers from finding all sorts of ways to mess around with the feature, such as by installing Doom on it.

Super Mario Odyssey Coming To The Switch This October
We have to admit that when the Nintendo Switch was launched, we were surprised that Mario was not among the launch titles. Instead the biggest name that was launched with the console was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which on hindsight was a pretty great choice as it did score fantastic reviews.