Articles about military (page 2)

Vertical ascender makes everyone a Spiderman
Smart bullet set to make Wanted a reality
"Ironman" spits out bullets like there is no tomorrow
Raytheon interceptor hits test missile
DARPA's Sea Shadow stealth ship on sale from $50,000 onwards
US Army "magic bullet" floats around while searching for a human target
New radar detects human behavior signatures
iOptik dual focus contact lenses gets Pentagon order
Giant spy blimp sounds like an oxymoron
US military wants to hack foreign game consoles
Cheetah robot achieves new land speed record
Solar Stik's Wearable Advanced Solar Pak (WASP) portable solar generator
Hovering airplanes a possibility
Army intends grunts to lose weight by transplanting extra fat?
Steerable bullet realizes Wanted in real life
Nano Air Vehicle Looks Like A Hummingbird
Inflatable tourniquet might help save lives on the battlefield
Simulator helps soldiers be on the alert for IED ambushes
UAV launched from a submarine?
Rats sniff out landmines