Raytheon High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile tested successfully

A nuclear deterrent is a good thing if you are the one with it, but this will lead to an escalation in the arms race across the global political arena. Unfortunately, this is where the world is at right now, so it makes sense to have more sophisticated defenses systems in order to defend your country’s sovereignty. Raytheon has successfully tested their High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) which is said to […]

Striker HMSS helmet endows fighter pilots with ‘X-ray vision’

All right, the kind of x-ray vision that I am referring to here has absolutely nothing to do with Superman’s ability, but rather, BAE Striker’s smart helmet is said to be able to allow a pilot in a Eurofighter Typhoon jet to see what is behind the hulk of metal that keeps him in the air. Yes sir, there is no steel-grey floor to speak of, rather, one would be […]

Heat resisting camouflage face paint

Most soldiers who fight on the battlefield wear some sort of face paint for camouflage purposes, and these tend to comprise of oil and wax, which will actually melt when exposed to intense heat. As we all know, the battlefield is not a place for the faint hearted, where it comes with its fair share of bombs and artillery which deliver intense heat and all round destruction. US scientists have […]

Bullet trap goes portable

I guess the word “portable” is used extremely liberally here – especially since portable does not mean you are able to just pick it off the ground and pop it into your pocket. I am referring to the Portable Encapsulator, where it does what it promised – to be able to trap bullets. Initial observations have proved to be nothing short but positive, where it has been said that a […]


Artificial skin is super sensitive

Over the past decade, Hollywood has churned out summer blockbusters that more often than not involved a comic book character, and they tend to come with a set of special powers. Well, we normal humans can only continue living our lives without being genetically enhanced in any way, but perhaps engineers from South Korea and the US might be on to something new here – ultra sensitive artificial skin. Working […]

Female body armor for the army, Samus grins

I am quite sure that those of us who are old enough to play the original Metroid on the NES were pretty much shocked when we realized that Samus was not a testosterone-filled hero, but rather, a more tender version in the form of a female. Females in the army have come a long way since the days of the NES, and female soldiers in the U.S. Army could potentially […]

Vertical ascender makes everyone a Spiderman

I know, there is going to be a Spiderman movie reboot on the silver screen later this summer, and before you start thinking that getting a spider exposed to radioactivity to bite you is going to endow you with superpowers (I personally think that doing so will result in you being sent to the hospital, with a very painful bite to remember), you might want to wait a little while […]

Smart bullet set to make Wanted a reality

Do you remember the movie Wanted? That particular show had the babelicious Angelina Jolie act as one of the world’s deadliest assassins, who is capable of bending a bullet around an obstacle before hitting the target some distance away. Well, that fictional setting might end up being reality one of these days, as a new bullet being developed at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico (without Thor’s Mjolnir hammer in […]

“Ironman” spits out bullets like there is no tomorrow

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance can be said to be a box office flop among all the Marvel movie franchises to date, with wooden acting, a poor script, and no Eva Mendes. One memorable scene from the movie though, would be to have Ghost Rider spit out all the bullets that he had “swallowed”, save for them being “wrapped” in hellfire. Well, the human, mechanized version is not that dramatic, […]

Raytheon interceptor hits test missile

Star Wars for the US government is far more than just sentimental attachment to a cultural pop phenomenon that was created by George Lucas, introducing the world to a whole new galaxy of Jedi Knights, the Sith as well as a plethora of alien lifeform and starships. Star Wars was also coined by some to be a defense system for the country just in case an enemy decides to send […]

DARPA’s Sea Shadow stealth ship on sale from $50,000 onwards

If you have always wanted to get your hands on some military technology but do not have the contacts to do so, here is your chance. DARPA has put its stealth ship, the Sea Shadow, up for auction, where the opening price would stand at $50,000. No idea on what the winning bid will be like, but this is a chance for you to own some really cool tech that […]

US Army “magic bullet” floats around while searching for a human target

Smartphones, smart TVs, smart windows – how about smart bullets? Sure, you do not have the mad skills of the assassins in the action flick Wanted, but how about letting technology work on your behalf? The US Army has come up with a warhead which will hang around in mid-air while it searches for a human target. Fret not, even if you are the target, this “magic bullet” will not […]

New radar detects human behavior signatures

When it comes to stealth technology, you know for sure that ninjas are the pioneers in many a folklore. Solid Snake, too, does pretty well in being deadly and silent. However, the real world is not that dense as some computer AI, and in the future, stuff like fog, rain, and even the dark cover of the night as well as concrete walls will be insufficient to provide adequate cover […]

iOptik dual focus contact lenses gets Pentagon order

The Pentagon has just placed an order for a bunch of prototype contact lenses known as the iOptik dual focus contact lenses which are touted to deliver a far wider field of vision for its wearer. Basically, these new contact lenses were designed to work in tandem with a compact heads up display (HUD) unit (sorry, no Project Glass from Google here), allowing images to subsequently be projected onto one’s […]