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'Hubris' Is Why Tesla Failed To Deliver Enough Model X Units Last Quarter
Telsa has received a lot of praise after it unveiled the Model 3 sedan but many of its customers who are still waiting to receive their Model X are making their disappointment public. The company was only able to ship 2,400 units of the Model X in the previous quarter and in a statement, Tesla blames its own “hubris” for the delay. Tesla says that it stuffed the Model X […]

Tesla Has Fixed Its Automatic Parking Feature
Last month Tesla released a new automatic parking feature for the Model X and Model S called “Summon,” the feature enables owners to park their car or pull it out of a parking spot with just one click of a button. They don’t actually need to be in the car to park it or literally summon it. Consumer Reports tested the feature and found that it had a couple of […]

Elon Musk Refuses Tesla Sale To Rude Customer
If you would like to pick up a Tesla electric car anytime soon, it would do well if you were to be on your best behavior and manners. Why do we say so? Not only is it basic courtesy and a show of respect, but also because any form of extreme rudeness might cause Elon Musk to refuse a sale to a potential customer. Californian venture capitalist Stewart Alsop saw […]

Customer Annoys Tesla, Elon Musk Decides Not To Sell Him A Car
A blog post by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Stewart Alsop has gained a lot of steam recently in which he says that Elon Musk had the order for his Model X cancelled. Just like customers can decide to not buying a company’s product if the customer service isn’t good enough, companies can also decide to not sell their products to a rude or annoying customer and it appears that’s what […]


Tesla Model S Redesign Rumored
The Tesla Model S sedan has been around for a few years now and it is arguably one of the most all electric cars that money can buy, granted that it’s a lot of money, but the car has been very well received. Word on the street is that Tesla may be considering a redesign of the Model S in 2016 possibly making it look a bit like the recently unveiled […]

Tesla Model X Price Is As High As You'd Expect
About a month back Tesla formally announced its Model X crossover, it also happens the to be the company’s first SUV that sticks with the all-electric mantra and features some very cool design elements like the falcon doors. Many were interested to know what this car would cost since Tesla didn’t really address that during the unveiling, today it’s allowing general production Model X customers to configure their models via […]

Only 6 Tesla Model Xs Available At Launch
If you were thinking that you could show off a spanking new ride to your family and friends this month in the form of the Tesla Model X, think again. This all electric SUV which has the amazing capability to hit a giddy 60mph in a matter of just 3.2 seconds might be officially launched, but it seems that only half a dozen of these bad boys have been delivered, […]

Tesla Model X Has Been Officially Launched
If you have been eagerly waiting to see what Tesla might have for us with the Model X, wonder no more because the company has officially taken the wraps off their latest electric car. That being said, the Model X, just like other Tesla cars, will not come cheap as it is priced at a whopping $130,000. The price of going green in style, we suppose.So what can we expect […]

Tesla’s Model X Comes With A Bioweapon Defense Mode Button
Tesla has recently unveiled the Model X electric car and while we suppose the car itself is a technological feat of its own, it does come with a rather unique and somewhat novel feature. This comes in the form of a button that will activate a bioweapon defense mode, and while it does seem like a gag, it really isn’t.Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk pretty much confirmed that the button is […]

Tesla Model X Launch Confirmed For September 29th
Tesla fans have something to look forward to later this month, the company is finally going to launch its oft-delayed Model X crossover. Since it’s a Tesla you can be sure that it’s going to be an all-electric vehicle, one that many have been anxiously been waiting for Tesla to unveil. The company has started sending out invites for the launch event which takes place in Fremont, California on September 29th.

Tesla Model X Signature Series Ready To Be Modified
Assuming you are flush with cash and would like something different in your garage as opposed to having a regular gas guzzler, you might want to settle for the Tesla Model X “Signature Series”, which would set you back by a whopping $132,000. This new crossover SUV from the electric car manufacturer has also opened up the door for owners to modify it accordingly.

Tesla Model X Clues Dropped?
To say that Tesla Motors Inc. has plenty of eyeballs scrutinizing it when it comes to the upcoming SUV model, the Model X (which has already undergone testing), is to be modest. However, it is rather interesting to note that Elon Musk and his team have not made any kind of announcement concerning an official release date, so we are pretty much left in the dark as to when the […]

Tesla’s Model X SUV Confirmed For September Launch
While Tesla might be known for their electric cars, what if you had a family and wanted a larger but an eco-friendly car as well? Several years ago Tesla unveiled their solution in the form of the Model X SUV. The vehicle had yet to be officially released but earlier this year, the SUV underwent testing hinting that its release was imminent.For those who are looking forward to seeing how […]

Tesla Model X Spotted In The Wild
Tesla confirmed quite a while ago that it is developing an all electric SUV called the Model X. This would be the first such vehicle from the company. Tesla is expected to launch the SUV at some point later this year. One Model X has been spotted in the wild in California. The sighting isn’t something out of the ordinary. Car makers do test unreleased vehicles on the road so […]

Tesla Model X Prototype Seen In California
Tesla, the company that rolls out its fair share of electric cars, and has recently been looking at the possibility of powering your home with their own battery pack, is also behind the Tesla Model X. Well, it does look as though a prototype of this particular ride has been spotted in California (where else), and you can’t really get any clearer than what you see above at this point […]

Tesla Model X Will Be First Tow-Capable Electric Car
Tesla has cemented its position is a major player in the electric car market. There is already a lot of anticipation for its upcoming vehicle called the Model X. The company has revealed some more details about the new electric car, there’s one thing in particular that gives it bragging rights, because according to the company the Tesla Model X is going to be the first electric car that’s tow-capable.

Tesla Model X Delayed Yet Again
Tesla is one company that you ought to look out for when it comes to electric vehicles, as they have had a decent amount of experience in the past in this particular department. However, the Model X SUV which was unveiled a couple of years ago does not seem to move along on a smooth path when it comes to a release, having been said to enter production some time […]