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New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Amiibo Leaked
Nintendo’s amiibo figurines have actually proven themselves to be quite the commodity item as they usually get sold out as soon as they go on sale. For those unfamiliar, amiibos act as collectible figurines but at the same time also allow gamers to unlock additional features within a game by tapping the amiibo with their Nintendo console.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Collection Could Be Headed For The Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch is home to many games, many of which are highly rated and have been very well-received. However we imagine that gamers probably wish that the Switch had more games so that they won’t to switch between devices/consoles to play different games, such as Assassin’s Creed, for example.

Metroid Prime 4 Development Has Been Scrapped And Restarted
Ever since Metroid Prime 4 was announced back at E3 2017, many have wondered about the state of the game. Back in November last year, Nintendo announced that the game was well into its development, hinting that we could learn more about a possible release date soon. Unfortunately fans will need to wait a bit longer.

Nintendo Has No Plans For A Switch Successor or Price Cuts For Now
From what we’ve seen from other console makers, usually a variant of the flagship console is released a few years after the main release. This usually represents an update to the design of the console, more storage options, or slightly upgraded specs. So far we’ve seen Sony and Microsoft do this with the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, and the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X.


Nintendo Switch Reportedly Outsold All Other Consoles In 2018
With the disaster that was the Nintendo Wii U, it’s hard to blame Nintendo’s critics and investors for being skeptical about the Switch. However the Switch has since proved the naysayers wrong where it managed to outsell the Wii U’s lifetime sales, and now it seems that according to the latest figures, the console managed to outsell all other consoles in 2018.

Nintendo Plans To Release 2-3 Mobile Games A Year
Nintendo is absolutely killing it in the home console market at the moment with the Switch and its games selling pretty well, making the failure of the Wii U a very distant memory. The company has also in recent years embraced mobile gaming, something that they had refused to do in the past.

VLC For The Nintendo Switch Is Being Considered
VLC’s media player has been around for awhile already, and it is widely used across devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. However it seems that VideoLan isn’t content with just those platforms and are looking to expand the app’s availability. This is according to the president and lead developer of VideoLan, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, who is looking towards the future of the software.

Mortal Kombat 11 For Nintendo Switch Might Be Delayed
NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat 11 was officially announced towards the end of last year where the game was initially pegged for a release on the 23rd of April, 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. It appears that the release on the Switch could have since been delayed, according to Amazon listings over in Europe.

Nintendo Switch Online May Offer SNES Games
Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this as yet but it appears that the company might be adding a plethora of SNES games to Nintendo Switch Online. The service already provides subscribers with access to several NES games so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary if it started offering SNES games as well. A data miner seems reasonably sure that this is going to happen.

Yoshi’s Crafted World Confirmed For March 29, 2019 Release
In 2017 Nintendo announced that they would be launching a standalone Yoshi game for the Nintendo Switch. The game was initially targeted for launch in 2018, but it ended up getting delayed where it was later pushed to 2019. For those who have been looking forward to it, you’ll be pleased to learn that we now have an official date to look forward to.

Nintendo Envisions A Future Where They Might No Longer Make Consoles
Like many major organizations that have been around for a while, Nintendo has evolved over the decades from being a company that produced handmade hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) to being a company that creates video game consoles. It seems that this could be the direction that Nintendo will be headed for the forseeable future, but it also appears that the company is also open to the possibility that one day […]

Doom, Minecraft Could Be Added To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
The Super Smash Bros franchise has typically drawn from Nintendo’s own franchises and also games that are popular on its platform, but we have also seen how it has pulled in character from other games. Now according to the latest rumors from Japanese website 5Channel (via Game Rant), we could be looking at some surprising additions.

Datamine Reveals Upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Characters
We know that Nintendo has stated that they have plans to release DLCs for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the future. These DLCs are expected to contain new characters that will be added to the roster, new stages, and new music. In what order they will be released remains is anyone’s guess, but it seems that a recent datamine might have revealed some information.

Nintendo Direct Rumored To Take Place Next Week
If you’re curious as to what Nintendo has planned for gamers in 2019, a report from Gaming Intel cites an anonymous source who claims that next week, Nintendo could be hosting a Nintendo Direct presentation. As is the case with most Direct presentations, there will probably be new announcements as well as updates on current works.