These days electric cars and vehicles in general are becoming more common, and Nissan’s Leaf EV has actually been around for a while now. However it seems that the company’s latest Leaf which was unveiled last year could be off to a great start because Nissan has told Engadget that they have received over 13,000 pre-orders of the car to date.

The new Nissan Leaf is said to feature a new extended range of up to 150 miles on a single charge, with a price point starting at $30,000 before tax credit, which makes it a whole sight cheaper than some of the alternatives out there, such as Tesla’s electric cars. The fact that it can be pre-ordered and delivered within 2018 also makes it an attractive option for customers who’d rather not wait a couple of years before their car is available to them.

The more affordable pricing also means that customers now have more options available to them, such as those who want something affordable but green, and at the same time companies like Tesla offer up performance for a higher price, although we have to wonder now that Ferrari has thrown their hat into the EV ring, how much will their EV cost when it actually comes out.

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