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Sony 3D PlayStation TV arrives in Japan this November
Sony to unveil 18 unannounced Vita games at the Tokyo Game Show
Sony announces Europe-only PSP E-1000
Sony patents interactive doll for PS3 and PSP
Sony unleashes three 2-in-1 PSP Dual Pack games for $15
E3 2011: tons of HD-remakes, not many worth your time or money
Sony sells 70 million PSP units worldwide
PSP System Software Update 6.39 PSP 'guides' users through PSN password change
No Trophy support for HD-remastered PSP games
MGS Peace Walker will be remastered for PS3
Sony remasters PSP blockbuster games for the PS3
Sony introduces new PSP headphones branded earphones
PSPgo stock runs dry, Sony shrugs
Sony: Nintendo 3DS is for kids, Xbox 360's DVDs not enough
PSP trounces Nintendo 3DS for second week in a row in Japan
Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play to Drop on Verizon in Mid-April
Sony Next Generation Portable and PlayStation Suite
Is the PSP2 as powerful as the PS3?
PSPgo hacked to load UMD game ISOs
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd fever sweeps through Japan