Man of Steel QR code shows off how Superman’s new costume looks like

There are many uses for QR code, and here we are with a rather unique example – that is, a QR code used in the Man of Steel comic. What you see on the right is the clearest official image to date of the entire Superman costume as it will debut in Man of Steel. You will need to rely on the BrowsAR augmented reality app on your device which […]

QR codes on apparel share information about yourself to others

I guess business cards are no longer relevant in the future, not when companies start to catch on the idea of printing QR codes on shirts, suits and jackets sometime down the road. Of course, this idea might just occupy a niche market, but only time will tell. What QRTribe apparel has in mind, is to custom print a QR code on your apparel of choice, so that whoever scans […]

Lady Shamrock cow gets her own QR code

Dairy cow Lady Shamrock is no ordinary cow when it comes to her fashion sense – you can say that her thick hide of leather has also proved to be quite the advertising canvas as she goes around chewing on grass at Somerby farm. This QR code has not been branded on Lady Shamrock in any way, so you can put down your pitchforks of protest peacefully. The QR code […]

Rock the Vote parades t-shirt with QR code design

Rock the Vote is a not-for-profit organization that has its sights set on Election Day in the US. This particular organization intends to register 1.5 million new voters before the 6 November deadline, and will attempt to raise awareness by introducing a digital campaign which will target a decidedly younger audience – whose votes at the ballot boxes will be able to make a difference as well. Part of this […]


QR codes on bins help promote recycling efforts

The world could definitely get help from all quarters as part of the global recycling effort, ensuring that there will be a planet for our children to inherit once we end up as worm food. Hence, it is nice to know that Westminster and Camden councils in London are rolling out the Bin, Scan, Win! project that will enable residents to enter a prize draw through the simple act of […]

SmartBox uses QR codes for superior CRM experience

Just how many ways are there to skin a cat? I guess the answer depends a whole lot on the expertise of the person whom you ask – and in terms of the QR code being the proverbial cat here, we have just stumbled upon yet another way that does not redirect customers or clients to a different website. No sir, it seems that a bunch of nine restaurants, bars […]

QR codes on tombstones makes future remembrance easier

QR codes are not just meant for advertising as well as offering a quick link to more product information, so to speak, but it can also be applied in more formal settings. Case in point – having QR codes imprinted on your tombstone as a new and yet affordable method for one to remember a loved one in a meaningful manner. Basically, scanning the QR code with your smartphone or […]

LG Optimus Vu gets QR Code TV ad in Korea

Those living in South Korea will most probably have come across a new ad campaign that features a QR Code, advertising the LG Optimus Vu that boasts of LG U+ LTE connectivity. This particular ad (which you can view in the video above) basically wants to draw your attention to a single tag line – “If you haven’t smiled lately scan this…” No, you will not end up with a […]

Coca-Cola’s QR code packaging in Spain launched

Coca-Cola recently signed an agreement with ScanLife, a company that powers the BIDI mobile barcode service in Spain, in order to further consolidate the position of Coca-Cola as the leading beverage in that part of the world. QR code packaging in Coca-Cola cans are able to be scanned by any QR Code reader application, regardless of whether you are using a smartphone or tablet that runs on the iOS, Android […]

3D QR code sculptures depend on the sun for discounts at certain times

QR codes seem to be all the rage these days, and you can even reveal a QR code by filling up a glass with the black liquid known as Guinness, but here we are with something radically different – Korean Emart has placed 3D QR code sculptures throughout the city of Seoul, where it will depend on the position of the sun as the QR code can only be scanned […]

Fill a glass with Guinness and see a QR code appear

More and more companies are jumping aboard the QR code bandwagon in terms of their marketing push, and what you see with the beer glass above is truly brilliant – all you need to do is fill up an empty glass with the black stuff known as Guinness, and you will be able to see the QR code in all of its glory. I suppose coffee would also make a […]

Facebook QR code ends up on the roof

Facebook, the world’s largest social network and with plenty of cash at their disposal (having picked up Instagram for $1 billion recently), continues to make waves in the industry, with one of the more light hearted moments involving painting the company’s headquarter’s roof with a gigantic QR code which can be seen from high above the sky. This is what occurred at its “Space Hackathon,” which is a mini-celebration as […]

X-O Manowar has QR code talking cover

Are you an avid comic collector? I remember the early days of Image Comics where Jim Lee was recruited, and the company’s main strength lay in the gorgeous visuals, but story-wise, Image Comics failed to deliver the kind of substance that Marvel and DC had established over the past decades. Apart from that, Valiant Comics, too, entered the scene at around the same time, and I remember Joe Queseda’s work […]

QR codes on shaved heads as advertisements

QR codes (Quick Response codes) are getting more and more commonplace these days, as the myriad of devices which we own are now connected to the Internet always, and also have the ability to read the QR code with a pre-installed software in order to obtain more information. What better way to keep up with the times in terms of advertising for non-profit organization OneXOne by having the charity shave […]