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Amazon Looks To Selfie As Payment Security Move
Cybercrime is definitely a growing area of threat these days that should not be overlooked at all, and this means that more and more sophisticated methods of protection for the consumer should be introduced. Amazon is working on that, by riding on the selfie trend as they intend to protect your online purchases using your portrait. This can be achieved should its patent application for a pay-by-selfie technology is approved.

Selfie-Obsessed Woman Drags Swan Out Of Water By Wing
As each report of selfie deaths, injuries and even the abuse of animals start to come in more and more frequently, it gets all the more believable that those who absolutely love to snap selfies do exhibit signs of narcissism and psychopathy, indeed. The latest incident involves a swan who was minding its own business in Macedonia, before a visiting Bulgarian tourist to Lake Ohrid pulled the swan out of […]

China Delegates Banned From Using Selfie Sticks At Political Meetings
Selfie sticks have proven themselves to be all the rage regardless of where you are in the world, and tourists are definitely one of the major users of selfie sticks. However, snapping selfies can also be pretty risky to your health, and it looks like it is also a threat to your political career – at least over in China, where delegates who will be attending the major annual political […]

5 Tourists Fall Off A Cliff In Selfie Attempt
I wonder whether insurance companies should include a new clause in their terms and conditions that do not cover any kind of injury or even death if one were to snap selfies during a holiday. Here we are with word that 5 tourists actually fell off a click when attempting to capture a selfie in Goa, with two of them ended up being seriously hurt in the process.


Man Shoots Himself Dead While Snapping Selfie
Perhaps all smartphones should now come with a warning that snapping selfies could prove hazardous to your health, or even kill you. Here we are with another case of a man killing himself by accident, as he jumped on the idea of snapping a selfie with a gun. While this is not the first photo that the 43-year old man had snapped of himself with a gun, unfortunately, it proved […]

World’s Longest Selfie Stick Attempt Is Rather Disappointing
The selfie phenomenon does not look as though it is going away anytime soon, and it is also interesting to take note as to how selfies have also changed the way things work in cities. Take Mumbai in India for example – that particular city has gazetted 16 no-selfie zones to make sure that it will minimize the number of selfie-related deaths as well, especially since India has 19 of […]

Mumbai City Has 16 No-Selfie Zones
Who would have thought that the selfie phenomenon has grown to be so prominent that in just about any major Indian city, one will always be able to see someone with an outstretched arm and a grin on the face, while a smartphone is being held on by a hand or a selfie stick. Heck, when you have the Prime Minister of your country snapping selfies as well, you know […]

Google Robot Transforms Selfies Into Art
It looks like the folks over at Google are interested in other aspects of life and technology compared to mere Internet search (and have been for some time now), as they now have shown off a robot that is capable of actually transforming selfies into line-drawn art, now how about that when it comes to breaking down the wall between man and machine? It does lend a look to the […]

Mastercard Looks To Selfie As Payment Mode
Just when we recently heard two bits of disturbing news about a baby dolphin dying simply because it was shared around a group of people who wanted to snap a selfie with it, as well as a man who dragged a small shark onto the shore to snap a selfie with it, is there no good news about selfies that we can hear about these days? Mastercard has a remedy […]

Man Drags Shark To Shore Just For A Selfie
Sometimes, I do wonder who is the bigger animal – is it the human being or the animal itself? Having gone through the rather distraught news of a baby dolphin die simply because tourists were passing it around to snap selfies with it, here we are with a video of a man actually dragging a shark that was washed ashore to pose for a selfie with it.

Curiosity Rover Snaps A Selfie
What is it with selfies these days that everyone would love to jump aboard the bandwagon, even if it means the death of wildlife in the process? Well, it looks like the Curiosity rover over on Mars does not want to be left out of the action at all, which is why we have received a selfie of it. In fact, the Curiosity rover has been making its way through […]

English Schoolgirls Took Snapchat Selfie After Murder
What is the world coming to these days? A couple of teenage schoolgirls called the police to ask for a lift back home, and this was right after they beat a woman to death in England, shortly thereafter shooting a selfie when they were behind a police van – all of these morbid details were shared with a court. The two teenage girls were 13 and 14 years old, when […]

Man Creates Selfie Stick For Sea Lions
Selfie stick for the sea lions Sea lions love selfies! Audubon Nature Institute, what other animals like selfies? Posted by WGNO-TV | ABC26 on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 Selfies have been in the limelight for quite some time already, but here is yet another instance that will bring the art of snapping selfies to a whole new level – or should we say, lower level – in the depths of […]

Horse Photobomb Stirs Up Controversy In Winning Selfie
Who would have thought that a horse photobombing your holiday shot could have helped you win a competition? Certainly not 31-year-old David Bellis, who was chosen to be the winner of a Thomson Holidays competition after he snapped a selfie with his three-year-old son, with the horse making a pose behind as well over in North Wales. Placing his entry in Thomson’s #MadeMeSmile social media competition, this rather amusing selfie […]