mumbai-selfieWho would have thought that the selfie phenomenon has grown to be so prominent that in just about any major Indian city, one will always be able to see someone with an outstretched arm and a grin on the face, while a smartphone is being held on by a hand or a selfie stick. Heck, when you have the Prime Minister of your country snapping selfies as well, you know that it is more or less part of the “culture” already, despite the fact that snapping selfies could prove fatal if done haphazardly. It seems that Mumbai has declared 16 no-selfie zones throughout the city in order to help reduce the number of deaths as a result of selfies.


It might sound rather absurd at first, but do take note that India happens to be the home to the highest number of folks who have died from taking selfies, where the city has 19 of the 49 worldwide recorded selfie-related deaths since 2014. Could this be partly attributed to the sheer number of people living in India – to the tune of 1.25 billion people, not to mention being in a country that boasts of one of the world’s fastest-growing smartphone markets?

Hence, the 16 no-selfie zones across Mumbai city is part of the governing authority’s move to prevent folks from taking unnecessary risks. Perhaps having a sea lion snap a selfie is a far safer thing…

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