If you’re like me and you don’t see the point in taking selfies then you probably won’t have much appreciation for selfie sticks. I know that I’ll never want to purchase a selfie stick but then again I just might be part of a minority because millions of people around the world are jumping on this bandwagon daily, and Pizza Hut seeks to warn you and me against the dangers of selfie stick abuse.

In a funny short video, which is obviously aimed at selling pizza, the selfie stick is portrayed as the object that has taken all the attention from selfie addicts who were previously focused only on themselves because now with selfie sticks they can take pictures of other objects and even people around them.

This leads to competition with selfie sticks growing in size so much so that they have doubled and tripled in length, as per the video, which features some hilarious examples of how the evolution of the selfie stick is proving to be harmful.

It won’t be hard to miss the subtle references to pizza and Pizza Hut in this video, so while you’re having a chuckle you may very well find yourself craving some pizza, and if you order in from this particular outfit that would be job well done for Pizza Hut.

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