selfie-drone-072715Who knew that the simple act of taking your own photo could result in so many warnings issued by authorities, so many accidents, and so many deaths? However it seems that despite all these warnings, people are still trying to go about capturing the best and most interesting shot at the cost of their safety.


Unfortunately it seems that the latest tragedy took place in India where it was reported that 13-14 students (some reports claim 13, some say 14) drowned during a trip to the Murud beach when they were out of school on a picnic. The reports claim that despite the warnings of a high tide, the students posed for selfies in the water, but a huge wave crashed to shore in which it dragged many students away.

There were reportedly 20 of so students who were initially dragged away by the high tide, although thankfully at least 6 were rescued. According to an account of what happened by one of the survivors, “Before anyone could realise, a huge wave lashed the shore and pulled our friends deeper into the sea. Several others jumped into the sea to save them. Those who were pulled out were transported to the hospital on handcarts and in horse-carts, as the place lacked vehicles.”

While there is nothing wrong with taking selfies, like we have said before, there’s a time and place for it. We’d like to think that this would be the last of it, but chances are there will be plenty more “death by selfie” accidents we’ll come across in the future.

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