girl-selfieWe’re not sure what’s with the current obsession with taking selfies, but more often than not we come across stories where selfies have grave and unintended consequences. Take this most recent story for example. A group of friends were traveling from Alanya to Antalya in Turkey when they decided to stop in the middle of the road to try and take a selfie with a plane behind them.


Unfortunately it seems that while they were busy trying to take a selfie, a lorry struck them down. There were three of them and one managed to move out of the way, but the other two teens weren’t so lucky and were killed. According to the lorry driver, he claims that the road was dark and that they teens were lying down, which is how he had missed them.

While he did call for emergency services following the accident, it seemed that it was too little and too late. A Facebook group has since been set up to honor both of them. This isn’t the first time we have heard of selfies getting people into trouble. Earlier this year it was reported that a selfie stick had killed a man after lightning had struck it.

There was another report where a man accidentally shot himself in the head, killing himself, while trying to take a selfie. He had accidentally pulled the trigger instead of pressing the shutter button. That being said, it’s fine to take a selfie or two, but at least be aware of your surroundings when doing so!

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