Spotify Connect Speakers Opening Up To Free Users

Spotify Connect streaming on separate devices has been limited to those with a Premium Spotify account ever since this feature was launched but that’s going to change real soon. The music streaming behemoth has updated its Commercial Partners SDK which allows Spotify Connect devices to work just as well with free accounts.

Spotify Expands In New Regions As Growth Story Continues

Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service. None of its rivals have as big a paying subscriber base as Spotify that’s despite the fact that it’s only available in select markets. The company’s growth story continues and it’s now launching its two additional regions across the globe.

Spotify Testing Official Apple Watch App

You would think that with Spotify being available on iOS devices for so long, and with the Apple Watch having been around for years, that an official Spotify app for the Apple Watch would have been launched a long time ago. As many Spotify users know by now, this wasn’t the case, at least until now.

Spotify Now Has 87 Million Paid Subscribers

There are millions of people across the globe who pay for Spotify’s premium membership. The company regularly shares that number. We last got an update in July when Spotify revealed that it had 83 million paying subscribers. The music streaming giant has now revealed that it has 87 million Premium subscribers across the globe.


Spotify Family Account Subscribers Can Get A Free Google Home Mini

Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming service, is offering an incentive to those who subscribe to the Spotify Premium Family plan in the United States. They are eligible to get a free Google Home Mini from the service. The promotion begins tomorrow and runs through the end of this year.

US Spotify Premium Subscriptions Grow To 38%

One of the advantages that Spotify has over rival streaming services like Apple Music is that it offers a free tier that relies on ads to generate revenue, although we imagine that Spotify would much rather if everyone were to pay its subscription. The good news for the company is that they could be inching towards their goal.

Spotify Testing A ‘What’s New’ Timeline Feature

Most of us know artists and songs that we like to listen, so one of the ways that music streaming companies can get us to hop on board their services is through personalized recommendations and song suggestions. Spotify has done a pretty good job of curating music for their users to discover, and now it looks like they’re testing another new feature.

Spotify Premium Updated With New Design Features

Earlier this year, Spotify rolled out a new design for its users, but it seemed to be only available to Spotify’s free tier users. However the good news for Premium subscribers is that it looks like Spotify is finally rolling out those changes where they can expect a new design as well as some changes to the way they navigate the app.

Spotify For Wear OS Gets A Brand New App

If you like listening to music on the go and you have a Wear OS smartwatch, there’s a good chance that Spotify could be one of the apps and services you use. The good news is that if you thought that Spotify app on Wear OS could stand to do with some improvements, you’ll be pleased to learn that’s exactly what happened.

Spotify Opening Up Podcasts To All

In this day and age, a microphone and some recording equipment will allow anyone to have their voice heard. However distributing your content is a different story, and for podcasters looking to be able to reach Spotify’s tens of millions of users, you’ll be pleased to learn that you will soon be able to list your podcasts to the platform.

Garmin Adds Spotify Integration With Its Smartwatches

Exercising while listening to music is a great way to get in the zone and to tune out any distractions around you. For fitness enthusiasts who rely on Garmin’s smartwatches to keep track of their activity, you’ll be pleased to learn that Garmin has since announced that they’ll be integrating Spotify into some of its smartwatches.

How To Listen To Spotify In Any Browser

Spotify is one of the best music streaming services out there. While it is mostly being used on iPhone and Android devices, Spotify has a web player which does not require you to download the program itself.In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you to access Spotify’s web player on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and any other browser out there.

Spotify Cracking Down On Friends Who Share Family Plans

Streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music have family plans, in which in theory, families could share a plan where it would be much cheaper than if everyone were to sign up for it individually. Unsurprisingly some have abused these plans, where groups of friends share them instead of families.

Apple Music Converting Paying Customers 2.5 Faster Than Spotify

Unlike Spotify which offers an ad-based free listening tier, Apple Music can only be accessed by those who pay for its subscription (assuming your three-month trial has ended). This means that Apple needs paid customers to keep its services profitable and successful, whereas Spotify can still rely on revenue generated by ads.