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VIA launches $49 Android PC System
Last week, we reported about the AllWinner A10 Android 4.0 PC that was a Lilliputian and was sold for $74. Of course, there were other cool miniature PCs too such as the Raspberry Pi and the FXI Cotton Candy. And just as we thought that the frenzy will end, the Taiwanese hardware manufacturer VIA has announced a new product called the Android PC System (APC), a 7-inch ARM board that […]

VIA AMOS-3002 is one small computer
I know, the AllWinner A10 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich PC can be considered to be one of the smallest computers in the market, as it is small enough to fit into your pocket, but you know for sure it will not have enough processing firepower to be able to run the latest games like Diablo 3. Far from it actually, but it will still pack a punch for the […]

VIA and Wishtel announce the world's first Indian language tablets
If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on an Indian language tablet, it looks like the wait is finally over. VIA Technologies and Wishtel have announced the launch of the world’s first Indian language tablets. Called the Wishtel IRA and IRA Thing, it will enable Indian users to “enjoy a rich computing, entertainment, and internet experience in their own native language such as Hindi, for the first time, and […]

Lenovo A30 Internet TV Set Top Box is powered by VIA Nano
VIA technologies announced today that it will be providing its VIA Nano processors to power Lenovo’s A30 Internet TV Set Top Box that was launched today in Shanghai. The Set top box will feature a 1.2GHz VIA Nano processor and VIA VX900 media system processor which provides full compatibility with mainstream video and audio formats. The new set top box will support picture-in-picture as well as a “one-touch button” to […]


Small is Beautiful: 10 Years of Mini-ITX
VIA Technologies is celebrating the 10th birthday of Mini-ITX, a small motherboard (and case) form factor whose first reference design was created by Robert Kuo, Assistant Vice President, VIA Technologies. The idea was to build a 17x17cm PC motherboard that could spark a new wave of computer industrial design – and it did!The new small form factor has enabled all kinds of PC “mods” (modifications) allowing PCs to go everywhere […]

VIA ARTiGO A1150 nettop offers the bare essentials
Size does matter – and sometimes for certain things, you want it large, while others prefer it to be as small as possible, depending on the context and situation which we are talking about. VIA’s latest nettop that falls under the barebones category would be the VIA ARTiGO A1150, where this dual-core PC kit is a DIY package that targets enthusiasts who love to spend their spare time tinkering around […]

VIA QuadCore processor announced
VIA intends to achieve new highs with their latest announcement – the VIA QuadCore processor, making it the lowest power quad core processor on the market today. Of course, having so many cores would mean more work for the programmer if one wants to optimize a particular piece of software for it, although that would mean having it be more efficient energy wise, as it can do comparably more than […]

Hulu Plus subscription and Blockbuster on demand now available on VIZIO Internet Apps
Looks like VIZIO succeeded where Google TV failed. In an official press release, the availability of Hulu Plus subscription and Blockbuster on demand have been announced for the VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA) platform. This means that consumers can download watch their favorite shows off Hulu Plus and movies from Blockbuster on their VIZIO TV sets. VIZIO looks like they’re set to dominate the TV scene, especially with a lot of […]

VIZIO brings the cinema screen to your living room with their Cinemawide HDTV
[CES 2011] VIZIO will be redefining the “Home Theatre” in your living room with their upcoming Cinemawide HDTV LED LCDs. Available in two sizes – 50″ and 58″ these monsters will bring the cinema experience to you without you having to set foot into a cinema. The Cinemawide HDTVs will feature a 21:9 Cinema aspect ratio can display native 2.35: 1 “CinemaScope” movies without any black bars for a true […]

VIA (Visually Impaired Assistant) helps the visually impaired get around easier
We all know how important all five senses to us are, and for the visually impaired, things can get pretty tough. Well, we do wonder whether a concept like the VIA (Visually Impaired Assistant) will ever see the light of day (pun not intended), where it will rely on Video Motion Detection technologies, a quartet of mini cameras and a voice-operated GPS receiver to function as a walking stick and […]

Pictures Of What The $100 VIA Tablet Devices Might Look Like
Remember the recent news that VIA is looking to introduce tablet devices in the US that will cost around $100-$150? While actual details on these devices aren’t available just yet, the company has put up a gallery showing what those tablets based on VIA’s WonderMedia PRIZM SmartTouch platform could look like. At a glance they do look quite pretty, though they do seem to be quite similar to tablet devices […]

VIA Aiming For $100 Tablet Devices In 2010
Do you think that tablet devices are slightly overpriced? If you do, there might be some good news for you as VIA expects $100 tablet devices that are powered by its chips to hit the US in the second half of 2010. VIA is planning to release five different models, priced from $100 to $150, which is still way below the $499 asking price of the cheapest iPad. Will such […]

Pioneer Computers Australia Launches Its VIA-powered DreamBook Lite E10 Netbook
Are netbooks beginning to look alike? It’s not too surprising, but Pioneer Computers Australia doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with that, as the company has just launched its new 10-inch netbook, albeit it’s slightly different since it sports a VIA processor, which is less common than Intel’s Atom processor. Judging by the processor, it looks like you might grow a beard trying to use it, but the good news […]

VIA VIPRO fanless touch screen panel PCs
The new VIA VIPRO range of fanless touch screen panel PCs are equipped with a 6.5″ VIA VIPRO VP7806, and if your eyes can’t take in anything that small, there is always the 15″ VIA VIPRO VP7815. Made using the flexible and modular Em-ITX form factor, these new VIA VIPRO panel PCs could very well be the perfect solution for the latest HMI applications. Both VIA VIPRO devices do not […]

VIA Launches Its 64-bit Nano E-series Processors
VIA may not be as popular as Intel and AMD, but it’s still capable of churning out CPUs, and the company has just unveiled its Nano E-series CPU, bringing native 64-bit support, virtualization capabilities and other features to embedded markets, which is a positive move towards support for upcoming operating systems like Windows Embedded Standard 7. The CPUs will initially be available in speeds from 800MHz to 1.8GHz and are […]

Via Announces The VX900 Media System Processor
VIA might not be having a good a time as Intel in terms of the netbook market at the moment, but the company will certainly be hoping to make some progress with the announcement of its new VX900 media system processor, the successor to the previous VX800 media system processor. It’s designed to be coupled with the VIA Nano-3000 series processor, and will integrate the traditional North and South bridge […]

VIA ART-3000 fanless box computer
The VIA ART-3000 is a total solution when it comes to fanless box computers, since this ruggedized machine is based on the unique I/O-rich Em-ITX form factor which is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. You can choose to have it as a complete system that comprises of a collection of drives and memory if you wish. This fanless design will also come with a range of special […]

Vizio Launches New Home Theater Products
Vizio has come up with some rather cool new gear for the home theater enthusiast in you. First up is a wireless HDMI adapter that comes bundled with a 4-port switch, allowing you to deliver HD quality video from a variety of sources. To mount your huge HDTV, Vizio also has extremely slim wall mounts that cater for HDTVs from 19 to 65 inches. Finally, it also has new universal […]

VIA MSERV S2100 Mini Server announced
VIA has just announced their MSERV S2100 Mini Server which will specifically target OEMs and system integrators. Mainly powered by its own 64-bit VIA Nano processor, this model comes with a relatively small chassis alongside interesting features such as twin SATA drive support, a couple of RAM sockets and two Ethernet ports to get you started right of the box. No word on whether this will hit retail stores, but […]

VIA Mobile-ITX platform
VIA intends to revolutionize things yet again with their new Mobile-ITX platform that measures a cool 6cm x 6cm, while is around 50% smaller compared to the Pico-ITX form factor. Specially built for next-generation embedded devices, Mobile-ITX will rely on a modularized design that comprises of a CPU module card and an I/O carrier board. Other features include integrated core CPU, chipset and memory functionality and I/O that includes the […]