Kylo, The Web Browser For Television

[DEMO Spring 2010] Today at DEMO, Hillcrest Labs launched Kylo, its web browser that will leverage the Loop pointer, Hillcrest Labs in-air mouse, named a CES 2010 Innovation Award Honoree. The Hillcrest’s Freespace in-air pointing and motion-control technology is also used in the super stylish Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Mouse that I personallyuse to browse the web on my TV. Launching TV browser after having released a remote or mouse seems to be trendy this year at DEMO, the GlideTV team has also launched a similar product at the show.

Kylo, The Web Browser For Television

Key features of the Kylo Web browser for TV include:

  • The ability to visit any site on the Web;an onscreen keyboard that appears when there is a need to enter text, Eliminating the need for a physical keyboard; compatibility with any physical keyboard for users who prefer to use one
  • Fonts, cursor, and onscreen targets are larger than those in traditional browsers
  • Easy zooming and panning
  • the maximization of useful viewing space by hiding or removing toolbars, tabs, buttons and indicators
  • Works with any mouse, but ideal for use with an in-air mouse such as the Loop pointer
  • Easy bookmarking
  • A directory of links to dozens of popular Web sites
  • A Mozilla-based design, and free, easy download and setup.

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