Magtenlight: Magnetically Powered Bicycle Lights

Dynamo lights certainly aren’t something new to bicycles, but they rely on the physical contact with a spinning wheel to keep it powered, which is well and good, but surely there’s a more interesting way to get the job done? Well, the Magtenlight might just be able to do that. It uses 28 magnets attached to the bike’s spokes, so as they pass by the Magtenlight in the center, power is generated and the lights will be lit, all done without any physical contact or friction. There are 2 lights included in the setup, and if you’re traveling at around 9mph, they’re rated at 15 lux each. There’s also a small battery in the Magtenlight, which can store additional power for up to 4 minutes, coming in handy when you’re stationary at the traffic lights. This would certainly be a cool replacement to your current dynamo, wouldn’t it?

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