Supernova robot works great for bachelors

Bachelors more or less cannot live without a laundry service, otherwise they would be one of the largest purchasers of clothes. The Supernova robot, assuming it ever comes out of the conceptual stage, might just be appealing enough to help a bachelor live through his single days without suffering from a shortage of clean laundry. What looks like a decorative ceiling lamp is actually a robot which is capable of cleaning and washing your laundry without the need for water and detergent – how is that possible, you ask? Well, this next generation robot will come with smart lasers that will be able to scan dirt particles, bursting them to pieces just like that. All you need to do is choose just what the laser should do from a range of modes and you’re good to go. Measuring a mere 40cm in diameter, it will have a usable volume of 95%.

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