Anti-theft bicycle alarm

If you own a bicycle that and you’re worried about people stealing it, you probably have the latest padlocks and chains to ensure that your bicycle won’t get stolen whenever you park it outdoors. But what happens when you feel it isn’t enough? How about an alarm that plays a loud noise to scare them off? That’s what this bicycle anti-theft alarm from the Virtual Village does. All you have to do is attach it to your bike, the next time you park, activate it with the press of a button and just leave it there. If you want to disarm it, all you have to do is enter a 4 letter combination using the buttons on the alarm. The alarm uses motion sensors to determine if someone is trying to take your bike without disarming it first. When activated, it will emit a loud noise (80db) for 15 seconds, and keep repeating as long as the motion sensor is triggered and the disarm code hasn’t been entered. This loud annoying noise should be enough to deter thieves who usually don’t want to attract any attention when committing a crime. Though if they have the tools to break a lock, I’m pretty sure that they have the tools to remove or destroy the alarm. If you’re interested in purchasing the bike alarm, it can be yours for $3.99 here.

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