Apart from hearing whispers of Samsung actually attempting to block the sales of the iPhone 5 the moment it is announced to hit Korea, here is yet another juicy bit of information that might just see the legal war between the two corporate giants escalate further – Samsung has widened a sprawling global patent dispute with Apple by filing a countersuit in Australia, lodging an appeal to a key ruling in Germany as well. This after Apple filed a countersuit against Samsung in the UK…

The lawsuit that was filed Down Under alleged that Apple’s iPhone and iPad 2 tablet violate a number of wireless-technology patents which are obviously held by Samsung at the moment. This will also see a precedent that will be followed in other countries, with Samsung Electronics spokesman Nam Ki-yung saying, “To defend our intellectual property, Samsung filed a cross claim for Apple’s violation of Samsung’s wireless technology patents.”

All these lawsuits are starting to make me feel dizzy – it seems that patents seem to be a hindrance to progress these days, hopefully everyone can achieve a balance in the future as I’d hate to divide the world into Samsung/Apple camps instead of following old school international boundaries.

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