Bluetooth has its uses for pairing devices, such as speakers to computers, speakers to phones, headsets with phones, transferring of files, etc, but at the same time it drains a fair bit of battery, and sometimes we end up forgetting to turn the Bluetooth connection off after we’re done with it. Granted this isn’t exactly a major issue, but in an effort to help users conserve as much battery as possible, Apple has filed a patent that suggests a method that would turn off Bluetooth in multiple devices with one button.


Discovered by AppleInsider, the patent suggests that through the press of one button, for example a button on a Bluetooth headset, not only would this power down the Bluetooth connection on the headset, but will also turn off Bluetooth for devices that are linked to it, such as an iPhone or MacBook.

It also suggests a power-saving mode, in which an iPhone or MacBook would enter in a power-saving mode whenever the Bluetooth has been turned on from an external headset. With our devices being more and more capable of handling multiple tasks and performing various activities, battery life has become quite an issue. However with most patents, we probably shouldn’t be holding our breaths here and waiting for it to realize.

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