nexusae0_Hera1We have been hearing a fair amount of rumors these days when it comes to the next major build of Android, which could be shown off at Google I/O which will be taking place in the later part of June this year.


We have heard of how Google plans to put an end to Android fragmentation with “Android Silver” and interestingly enough there have also been talks about how the next Android build could have a focus on enterprise. Now according to a report from Android Police, they’re talking about another feature that could arrive in the next build of Android called Project Hera.

So what is Project Hera? Well the goal of Project Hera is to help bridge all of Google’s products and services. What this means is that it could somehow unify Android, Chrome, and Google Search and have them all work together and synchronize seamlessly across the board. The plan is to allow HTML5 apps to be integrated into native Android apps and the Android platform itself.

This means that users will be able to perform specific tasks without actually having to launch the app itself, which could be a huge convenience. Some examples that Android Police had include to ability users will be able to directly reply to messages or emails without having to open the app, or be able to activate an account by pressing a button next to the message instead of having to open the email and scan its contents.

Project Hera’s instances are also said to fall under a unified UI that makes it easy to spot within your multitasking stack, which apparently will look something like the rumored redesign of the Gmail for Android interface. To sum it up, Hera will be something like Chrome where what you browse on your desktop and what you bookmark will be synchronized on your mobile Chrome as well, except that this will apply to a variety of Google services/products.

Of course there’s no telling how true any of this is since Google has not officially confirmed anything yet, but with Google I/O taking place in a couple of months, perhaps we will be able to learn more about Project Hera then.

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