lg-g-watch-videoEarlier this year, LG announced a smartwatch of their own called the LG G Watch. The device is expected to be released soon and according to the rumors, there is a version of the LG G Watch that could come with SIM functionality, thus allowing the watch to gain its own internet functionality and removing the need to pair it with a smartphone just to go online.

That being said it seems that the rumors of a SIM enabled LG G Watch are true, according to a sighting on the RRA website which is essentially Korea’s equivalent of the FCC. According to the filing, it shows that the LG G Watch with the model number W105 as having cellular capabilities. This is different from the LG G Watch that was spotted recently at the FCC which had the model number W100.

What this could mean is that the LG G Watch could have SIM functionality, but the kicker is that the SIM version of the LG G Watch could only arrive for South Korea, and that those of us living stateside will have to contend with the normal version, at least for now. Assuming that the SIM version of the watch does exist, it could eventually make its way stateside, but for now it looks like it may not.

There’s no telling when LG will officially announce the SIM version of the LG G Watch, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information. In the meant is anyone else disappointed at the possibility that it might not arrive in the US?

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