impossible-bikeThey say that it would be extremely foolish to reinvent the wheel, which more or less makes sense. After all, why tinker around with something that has served mankind so well for thousands of years? Having said that, the humble two-wheeled mode of transportation known as the fold-up bicycle is one particular niche market that seems to be stuck in the past, which is why the good people over at Impossible Technology happen to make an effort to re-invent the commuter bicycle so that it is relevant in this day and age. Thinking out of the box, they ditched the use of straight lines, but rather, based the Impossible Bike on a couple of circles, where the wheels will pull down while both the seat and handle extends out from the top.

It will feature a hard plastic carrying case that offers protection for the unit whenever it is folded down, making it tiny enough to actually fit into a backpack, while doubling up as a seat as and when required. Interestingly enough, the Impossible Bicycle would lack any pedals, but rather, a brushless electric motor is being developed to help send you to your destination, aided by its ten 2,900mAh batteries that result in a limited range of 15.6 miles. It also has an upper weight limit of 180 pounds, and is currently looking to meet its fundraising goal on Kickstarter to become a reality.

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