Apple Watch-Tumbles-4-Up-PRINTSo far without fail, Apple has held an annual developer’s event called WWDC in the middle of the year. While the dates of this year’s WWDC has yet to be set, we expect that it should be around the middle of the year. Chances are Apple will introduce iOS 10, the latest version of OS X, and make other software-related announcements.

However it seems that analyst Brian White of Drexel Hamilton believes that Apple will also be taking the opportunity to announce a new Apple Watch. The Apple Watch has not been refreshed since its introduction and Apple’s event last month only saw the introduction of new bands, meaning that the time for a refresh is imminent.

According to White, he believes that the upcoming Apple Watch refresh is expected to introduce a newer and thinner body that is anywhere between 20-40% thinner than its predecessor. The current Apple Watch is nowhere near chunky status, but a thinner body would result in a more svelte design.

It is unclear as to what other changes Apple could make to the Apple Watch in a refresh, meaning that so far we only have a thinner body to work with, but what do you guys think? Would a thinner Apple Watch be something you might be interested in?

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