apple micro ledLast week we heard a rumor that 2017’s Apple Watch could feature the use of micro LEDs. Given that the Apple watch is the first Apple product to adopt OLEDs, the move to micro LEDs does seem like a pretty big leap. However in 2014 Apple did acquire a company by the name of LuxVue that specializes in micro LEDs, so the rumors did not feel like a stretch.

Now thanks to a patent discovered by AppleInsider, it seems that the rumors of the Apple Watch using micro LEDs seems stronger than ever. The patent basically describes a way to stabilize LEDs and microchips on a carrier substrate, which in turn allows it to be transferred onto another substrate.

Interestingly enough, AppleInsider notes that one of the credit inventors of the patent is Andreas Bibl, who for those unfamiliar used to be the CEO at LuxVue before it was acquired by Apple. Bibl is also credited on another Apple patent that is related to micro LED. Now it should be pointed out that this patent in no way guarantees the features of the next-gen Apple Watch.

Obviously Apple is interested in the technology which is why the bought the company in the first place, but whether or not they will use the company’s products in future Apple devices is another story, but we suppose at least the interest is there.

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