shaka_shaka_1[CEATEC 2016] Let’s face it, getting kids to get ready for bed can be a tough job. Getting them to brush their teeth and wash their faces can sometimes be a near impossible task, and as we all know (hopefully), dental hygiene is very important. Instilling this concept in kids at a young age and Temari is hoping to do that with the Shaka Shaka Brush.

Before you think that this is just another smart toothbrush, the answer is yes and no. Unlike other smart toothbrush from the likes of Oral-B or Kolibree which is a whole package, the Shaka Shaka Brush is more of an attachment that will work with existing toothbrushes. This means that if your child has a favorite toothbrush, you won’t be taking it away from them.

shaka_shaka_2 design of the Shaka Shaka Brush has also been made into the likeness of a rather cute bear which presumably appeals to young kids. The attachment will feature a gyroscopic sensor that will help to analyze the movements of the user. From there it will be able to measure brushing time, areas brushed, and so on.

So if your kids are spending too little time brushing, or skipping certain areas, you will know as the information is beamed from the attachment via Bluetooth to an accompanying smartphone app. Temari has also gamified the process where kids will earn points brushing their teeth, and the more points they earn, the different stickers they get to unlock so that children will feel that brushing their teeth becomes less of a chore.

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