super-mario-run-50mSo a report from yesterday saw Nintendo confirm that Super Mario Run had been downloaded over 40 million times. However it seems that in a span of a few hours, Nintendo managed to close the gap between 40 million and 50 million because according to a tweet by the Super Mario Run account, the game has managed to hit 50 million downloads.

If you play the game, you should log in now because as a reward to gamers for helping the game hit 50 million downloads, Nintendo is giving away 10 Toad Rally tickets. For those unfamiliar, Toad Rally tickets lets players participate in races against other players in a bid to beat their score and to try and win as many Toads over to your kingdom as possible.

The tickets aren’t that easy to come by so the 10 free tickets are actually a pretty sweet deal. In any case this is pretty impressive and we can only imagine that those numbers will keep on climbing, largely thanks to Mario’s overall popularity amongst gamers both casual and hardcore. So far reviews of the game have been mixed, with many criticisms mostly leveled at the price of $10 to unlock all the levels, as well as the seemingly unnecessary always-on connection requirement.

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