Headphones and gyms are two things that typically go together simply because a lot of people want to drown out the outside world and focus on getting into their “zone”. Now headphones can be more than just devices to deliver our music, as we have seen in the past where some headphones can even double up as fitness trackers.

Turns out that maybe Apple has something similar planned as well, thanks to a recently discovered patent by the folks at AppleInsider. According to their discovery, it seems that Apple has designed a pair of wireless earbuds that comes packed with sensors that will allow it to act as a health tracker as well as a pair of headphones.

If this sounds familiar, it is because Apple might have potentially laid the groundwork already with their AirPods earbuds, and what this means is that future versions of the headphones, or maybe different models, could come with these sensors. Some sensors that Apple has listed in their patent include an EKG, an ICG, a VO2 sensor, a GSR sensor, and more.

We have heard rumors in the past that Apple wanted to make the Apple Watch the ultimate fitness tracker, but it seems that with this patent, maybe Apple could be considering turning to their AirPods instead.

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