Self-driving cars are clearly on their way to becoming the future of transportation. In fact Google had earlier on envisioned what a self-driving car could look like in which it does away with the need for a steering wheel, thus relegating the occupants of the car to that of passenger and not driver.

So does this mean that self-driving cars in the future could do away with the need for a steering wheel? We suppose the legal and safety implications of that future is still up for debate, but in the meantime the folks at Jaguar Land Rover are thinking that maybe the steering wheel could still be kept, but it could be improved upon greatly.

The carmaker has unveiled a concept steering wheel called the Sayer in which it will be smarter, thanks to the inclusion of AI, and in a way it is sort of like a computer because it can be removed from the car and taken with the user wherever they go and to a different car, meaning that you could swap around in different cars but always have access to the same AI, which will serve as a concierge.

Now whether or not such a steering wheel will ever go into production remains to be seen since it exists as a concept for now, especially since like we said, it has been envisioned that the future of cars might merely be a pod that gets us from one place to the other, thus eliminating the need for steering wheels entirely, but it is an interesting idea all the same.

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