Unlike most stand or desktop fans, one of the features that sets Dyson’s offerings apart from the competition is that they come with a built-in air purifier. However the downside is that the fan and purifier are activated at the same time, which means that if you want the air purifier, you’ll have to have the fan on as well, which sometimes isn’t ideal.


However the good news is that Dyson has since unveiled new stand and desktop fan models. What makes the new models different from the older models is that they can purify the air without the fan blowing at you. This is thanks to a change in the fan’s design which features a slit where a new diffused airflow mode exists.

In addition to this change, Dyson has also added a circular LCD above the filter cover. This display will show users what the fan is up to, along with a real-time chart of the types of pollutants it detects, and the amount that has been detected, all of which are thanks to the new sensors that Dyson has included in them.

Dyson also appears to be getting with the times by including support for Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, where if you so desired, you could control the fan using your voice via devices like the Amazon Echo. As for pricing, as far as fans are concerned they are not cheap with the stand fan priced at $550, while the desktop version will be priced at $450.

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