So we know that Apple has been rather busy going about acquiring new content for its video streaming platform. That much is already been confirmed, but many are questioning how Apple plans to go about distributing it. Will Apple do it on their own, or will they partner up with someone else to do it?


According to speculation by The Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Goodman (via 9to5Mac), he has speculated that Apple could be planning a major media company acquisition. While this is only speculation on Goodman’s part, it’s not completely out of the question. After all Apple is known for being a tech company rather than an entertainment one, and acquiring a media company would get them the framework and connections that they would need to succeed.

Plus it would also give Apple a bunch of other shows to give customers access to right off the bat. Goodman writes, “Apple can’t really think that its legion of brand-loyal customers will also pay somewhere in the vicinity of $9.99 a month for a dozen or so series that might not be all that great, might be a mixed bag creatively or, if you want to be insanely optimistic, even if all 13 are brilliant. Apple can’t think people will do that, can it?”

It is unclear as to who Apple might have in their sights, but take it with a grain of salt for now since none of it can be confirmed. However like we said, Goodman does make a pretty good point so it wouldn’t be completely out of the question, so we guess only time will tell.

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