Early last year Sonos expressed their interest in getting digital assistant baked into its speakers. For Sonos users this sounded like a great idea and it was a wish that later came true when Sonos launched speakers with Amazon’s Alexa built into them. However if you’re more of a Google Assistant user, not to worry.

Speaking to The Verge, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence hinted that Google Assistant’s arrival onto Sonos speakers could happen by the end of the year. Sonos had previously teased Google Assistant’s arrival on their speakers but that integration has yet to happen, but now according to Spence, they’re aiming to get it ready in time for the holiday season which is when a lot of people will be doing their shopping.

According to Spence, “We’re working as hard as we can and so is Google to get it ready for that time.” Obviously this isn’t a completely altruistic move since launching devices in time for the holiday shopping spree means that companies will get to cash in on all that spending, but we suppose it’s also good news for users who might prefer to use Google Assistant over Alexa.

When that does eventually happen, it means that Sonos would have Alexa and Google Assistant on its devices. Sonos had previously expressed their interest in integrating Siri into their speakers, but the onus falls onto Apple to allow that.

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