The Apple Watch seems to be selling pretty well because last we heard (from unofficial sources), Apple managed to ship 3.5 million units in the last quarter. However it seems that despite its popularity, the Apple Watch seems to be quickly losing the support of quite a few big apps, with Instapaper being the latest one.


Instapaper, for those unfamiliar, allowed users to access text-to-speech playback of saved articles, which on the Apple Watch was pretty handy given how small the screen is. In fact Instapaper was one of the first apps to announce support for the Apple Watch when the wearable was launched, but in the latest update to its iOS app, the developers removed support for the Apple Watch.

Like we said, Instapaper isn’t the first big app to drop support. Previously we’ve seen how apps such as Lyft, Instagram, and Google Maps drop support for the device (Google says Google Maps could return at a later date). This is namely due to the fact that Apple has deprecated support for apps built using WatchKit 1.0, where now Apple is pushing towards native applications instead.

In fact Instapaper’s Brian Donohue tweeted that was one of the reasons behind their decision. Donohue notes that they did consider rebuilding it, but considering how usage was so low it didn’t make sense for them to spend their resources doing so.

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