Exposure to the sun is healthy as it gives us vitamin D, but at the same time too much exposure to the sun can be bad as the UV rays have the potential to cause skin cancer. However how much exposure is too much exposure? That’s something Apple is hoping to tell users in the future, with UV sensors built into the Apple Watch.

A recently discovered patent (via Cult of Mac) has found that Apple has filed for a patent that describes how future Apple Watches could come with a built-in UV sensors that are embedded around the frame of the Apple Watch. These sensors will alert the wearer when they’ve been exposed for too long.

The patent’s description reads, “The device utilizes a UV light sensor to detect the user’s presence while outdoors and measure the cumulative outdoor exposure time. The cumulative UV exposure is optionally provided via a messaging service or alert, and a UV index value is optionally utilized with the cumulative outdoor exposure to determine the risk of skin damage and to provide user guidance relating to recommended protective measures.”

Whether or not this patent will become a reality remains to be seen, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it did given Apple’s direction. The Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a built-in EKG monitor, and last we heard, Apple was also exploring ways to create a non-invasive glucose reader into the device as well.

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