2018 has come and gone and Apple’s initial promise to release the AirPower in 2018 has obviously been broken. Like we said before, the company’s silence on the matter does not sound particularly encouraging, but for those who are still interested in the AirPower, there is some hope.

According to developer Steve Troughton-Smith, he claims that he has heard that the issues Apple had with the AirPower has since been “fixed”. For those who are unfamiliar with the issues plaguing the AirPower, basically it stemmed from Apple reportedly being too ambitious with its wireless charging mat, resulting in severe overheating which the company has been trying to resolve ever since.

The device was originally announced in 2017 where it was later announced that it would launch in 2018 instead. However 2018 came and went along with all of Apple’s major announcements, including a new Apple Watch, new iPhones, and brand new iPad Pros, but yet the AirPower was missing.

However if Troughton-Smith’s tweets are accurate, it sounds like the issues have since been addressed which means that Apple could potentially release the AirPower later this year, but when exactly is still anyone’s guess. There is also no word on pricing yet, but the rumors are claiming that it could be around the $150 mark, making it a particularly expensive wireless charging mat compared to the competition.


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